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Welcome to

Welcome to, the newest addition to the SportsBLOGS family.

My name is Randy Booth and, as you can imagine, this website has to do with everything Boston Red Sox. I'll cover everything from single-A ball and the draft to the Old Towne Team and other things to do with Major League Baseball.

I've been blogging about the Red Sox for close to one year, with my one year anniversary coming on March 2nd. My pride and joy, which I designed, maintained and was the only writer for, was Red Sox Haven. I'm proud of what I've created there and I can look back at my early posts and see how much I've improved since then. I'm also surprised that I've been able to stick with this for a whole year so far. With my new move to, I plan to continue for a lot longer.

When I started Red Sox Haven, I had no plan to be the best Red Sox blogger on the Internet. I just wanted to voice my opinions to anyone that would listen. Now my goal is to be the best, which I think I can do now that I'm here at Over The Monster.

It's going to be a great season and I want Sox fans and non-Sox fans to join me on the ride here at Over The Monster.