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Mirabelli to San Diego: Welcome Mark Loretta

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The Boston Herald is reporting that the Loretta/Mirabelli deal is all but done, expected to be announced later today.

Loretta will be an inexpensive option at 2B, and will likely set the table at the top of the order in front of the thunder. He's a quality 2B, averaging only 7 errors a year over the last 4 years. He's a career .301 hitter, always posting solid OBP numbers.

As speculated by the Rotoworld folks, this could allow Pedroia to either return to Pawtucket, or have him return to shortstop full-time OR platoon with Alex Cora should the Sox indeed move Renteria.

I like this deal. Looking even farther into the future, the Sox could retain Loretta/Pedroia as long as it takes to get Jed Lowrie up to the big club.

This could also cause the house of cards to come falling down, as Hoffman is likely to make his decision today. Once Dec. 7th is over, however, many things will pick up steam.