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Renteria on the Block

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After a 30 error season, the Red Sox are shopping Edgar Renteria around to whoever wants to take him.

At this point the Atlanta Braves are the highest bidder for Renteria. The trade rumored breaks down like this:

BOS Receives: MIF Julio Lugo
ATL Receives: SS Edgar Renteria (and cash?)
TB Receives: 3B Andy Marte

OK, so Renteria didn't live up to the potential for the 2005 season. But you know what? I'm still on his bandwagon! And I will ride this bandwagon for at least one more half-season.

I won't make my case right now for Renteria, I just want you to know where I stand when I say:

Don't trade Renteria! ... yet

I think he still has value. I honestly believe that he tried to make a huge impact on the team this year and everything backfired and errors continued to pile on top of each other. I know that Renteria wants to come into spring training firing on all cylinders, ready to produce. So why not see what he's got?

But there is another side to this story. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Sox could drop Tampa Bay from the equation and just trade for Marte. Then we could possibly play Alex Cora at shortstop for the year, or do another trade for Lugo.

As of right now, I say don't trade Renteria. But if the offer is right (getting Marte and another capable infielder), then I would take it. But if things break down, I don't see any problem in letting Renteria prove that he can play.


BOS Receives: RP Justin Duchscherer
OAK Receives: SP David Wells
I'd jump on this trade. Wells wants out, and Duchscherer is a very solid relief pitcher. My only question is if he'd be able to handle the pressure of Boston. It's a lot different from Oakland.

Rumor has it, however, that Billy Beane might just be doing a favor for Boston, trying to get San Diego back into the Wells trade-front. If that's true, then it's smart. But I would still make this trade if it was true.

Pull the trigger!

SD Receives: C Doug Mirabelli (plus a prospect?)
BOS Receives: 2B Mark Loretta

We've talked about this one before here on Over The Monster, but I'm not very strong for this one, unlike the Duchscherer trade.

Loretta is a solid second baseman -- an All-Star, in fact -- and is a cheap pickup. He could hit very well in Fenway and would have solid defense. The only issue is holding Dustin Pedroia back. It's questionable whether or not he'll be ready in time, but even if he isn't 100%, he should have a fair shot at the starter's job. What I do like is the fact it is Loretta's last year on his contract. So if Pedroia progresses even more then we won't have Loretta there next year to block him.

Losing Mirabelli is questionable because he's so valuable to starter Tim Wakefield and to Jason Varitek, as he keeps him rested. Bringing up Kelly Shoppach to be the backup catcher, when he's never had a professional hit, is another questionable move.

Think about everything in advance before making this trade. There are positives and negatives. I think the positives outweigh the negatives, though.