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Site Downtime

I apologize for Over The Monster being down over the past couple of days. The servers SportsBlogs Nation is located on were physically moved to a new building, and it didn't go as smoothly as we hoped.

I'll let Blez himself explain the complicating situation:

By the way, for those of you who were wondering why AN was down for close to 12 hours from Friday night/Saturday morning I have an interesting story to share.

Apparently, our server host bought a new building, and had to physically move all the servers over to the new place. It was supposed to take about two hours, Friday night/Saturday morning. It was going to be a small disruption which most people wouldn't notice.

But the NYPD got a bomb threat against the NYSE, and the van with our servers got trapped in the police net. A bomb-sniffing dog checked out the van and apparently some sort of cologne set the dog off. So the police locked down the van all morning until they could ensure that everything was legit.

Now you know. No word on whether or not there was another bomb threat today that caused the servers to go down again for an hour or so.