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Damon Receives Offer; Clement Gone?

  • According to the Providence Journal, Johnny Damon has received an unconfirmed offer from the New York Yankees that would pay him $39 million over three years.

    I don't want Damon back, but I don't want the Yankees to have him either. That's a pretty good contract (if the report is true), but I don't suspect agent Scott Boras would take it. He's interested in a contract that is more in the four plus years range. But still, $13 million a season may be the best offer they see.

  • There are at least three teams interested in Matt Clement. They are the Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers. Teams that may not want to spend money on a quality free agent pitcher might enjoy Clement, as he's under the $7 million mark.

    I'll trade Clement to Texas for Kevin Mench or Adrian Gonzalez. I think Mench could hit 30 or more home runs as an everyday player in Boston. He could drive in 100 or more runs, and his defense is solid with a better than average arm for the outfield.

    Gonzalez would be another nice addition to the team and could be our starting first baseman. He's just 23-years old with the ability to hit for power and average. The word on his defense is that it's stellar and Gold Glove caliber. I'd gladly take him off Texas' hands.

    Gonzalez and Mench in '06? Yes, please.