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Manny to Texas?

  • The Boston Globe says that the Texas Rangers called the Boston Red Sox about Manny Ramirez and the name Alfonso Soriano was thrown around.

    Ramirez for Soriano? Of course it won't be one for one, but with Adrian Gonzalez and maybe another name, I'd jump on this deal.

    Soriano's history has shown that he's stubborn. He's never wanted to move to the outfield, a position he may be better suited for than second base. But maybe coming to Boston would straighten him up and we could send him to left or center field. He'd come to a team with a player-friendly coach in Terry Francona, and be on a team with a solid atmosphere centered by David Ortiz and, possibly, Johnny Damon.

    Soriano is 29-years old and is the biggest hitting second baseman in the majors. He hit 36 home runs for the Rangers this year, and has averaged 35 home runs over the past four seasons. He has the ability to hit .300, but this season was a real off-year as he only hit .268. The three years previous he hit .300, .290, and .280.

  • David Wells says he won't report to spring training for the Red Sox if he isn't trade by then.

    This is pretty immature, but Wells isn't exactly the Pope. He wants to go home to the West Coast (specifically San Diego), and the Red Sox are trying their best to deliver him there but the pieces just aren't fitting.

    The Sox reportedly want relief pitcher Akinori Otsuka and Red Sox legend Dave Roberts. The price may be too steep, though. The Pads could ship all-star second baseman Mark Loretta to Boston and fill the uncertainty of that position, but I'm not sold on Loretta. He has had two good seasons in San Diego, and some mediocre ones earlier in his career. It may be something to jump on because Loretta is so cheap (he made 2.75M in '05), but it's obvious the Sox want some outfield or pitching help in this deal.

  • Bill Mueller has a few suitors calling his name out on the market. The Twins, Dodgers, and White Sox are options. Odds are he'll receive a multi-year deal, something the Red Sox don't seem to be willing to give up.
  • Damon, his wife, and Scott Boras met with the Sox and another unknown team recently. Nothing has come about yet. We all know Boras will get all the money possible for his highly-sought client.