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Trade Rumor ... Or Something Close to it

OK, I've got a trade idea. But it can't be labeled a "trade rumor" until people actually make it a rumor. So I'm going to propose the trade, and you, the readers of Over The Monster, must go out and tell all your friends and family about it. It doesn't even matter if they're not Red Sox fans. Tell them anyways. Maybe -- just maybe -- they'll for some reason repeat it to someone else. Then we'll have a great chain of rumors. Can everyone do that for me? Thanks.

This is how my trade 'idea' breaks down:

Red Sox Receive:
LA Prospect(s)
Really doesn't matter who it is as long as they have some appeal then they will do.

Dodgers Receive:
David Wells
LA gets their starters, and we take their prospects off their hands.


Red Sox Receive:
SS Julio Lugo
CF Rocco Baldelli
I know I said I don't want Lugo, but I'd take him as long as we can get Baldelli. My mouth foams over the potential of having Baldelli roam centerfield in a Red Sox uniform.

Devil Rays Receive:
LA Prospect(s)
RHP Bronson Arroyo
We give the D-Rays the prospects they want PLUS Arroyo who might be able to land us Baldelli in the deal.

This works out beautifully, in my opinion. It leaves our rotation looking like this:

RHP Curt Schilling
RHP Josh Beckett
RHP Tim Wakefield
RHP Matt Clement
RHP Jonathan Papelbon

With trading Arroyo and Wells, then we can have Papelbon in the rotation where he should be. I don't think having him ride the bullpen pine will do his arm much good. Let's utilize the young stallion.

The D-Rays won't want to take on Clement's large contract, so Arroyo looks like the logical choice in this trade unless the Sox pony up and take the majority of Clement's contract on.

These two trades fill the holes we have in our lineup. Baldelli is a great defensive centerfielder, and Lugo is a solid shortstop in all facets of his game. Both can hit leadoff, also, leaving that hole to be filled.

And, if you are wondering, Baldelli is actually younger than both Coco Crisp and Jeremy Reed, other centerfield candidates for Boston in 2006. Baldelli, however, brings the best of both worlds of Crisp and Reed. He has the great defense that is associated with Reed, and has a bat that may be better than Crisp's. However, he did miss all of last season with knee and elbow injuries.

Whether the D-Rays will be willing to trade Baldelli is another question all in itself. They just gave him a nice, fat contract on November 10th for 6-years that could be worth up to $32 million. If the price is right, though, no one is untouchable.

Mull it over, Red Sox Nation.