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Rangers sign Kevin Millwood

The Red Sox's number one target (number two according to OTM's poll) has found a home, and it isn't Boston.

Kevin Millwood has signed a four-year, $48 million deal with the Texas Rangers.

We lost out, but I'm not crying over it. Millwood will be paid a lot of money, but it's actually less than what I thought he would get. And Millwood hasn't been very consistent over his career, so I'm doubtful he could be the American League ERA leader year after year.

So what now?!
Ok, so we have a lot of money to spend right now. We lost out on Johnny Damon and now Millwood. Now there really isn't anyone left on the free agent market that would fill a hole and deserves big money.

Except for one player.

Roger Clemens.

Hey, why not? If Clemens is interested in coming back to Boston (which he 'responded positively' when he was told Boston was interested), then why not try and go hard after him? Odds are he'll be better than Bronson Arroyo and Matt Clement this season.

So I say give him a big contract and bring The Rocket back home. Let's end all the past troubles between Clemens and the organization with this one key signing. Maybe it could do a lot for us. Maybe it would even convince Manny Ramirez to stay. It could do a lot of things.

I am all for it. Let's do it.