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Six-Player Deal: Opening Doors for Boston?

The Rangers and Padres did a nice swap of players today.

The Rangers grabbed Adam Eaton, Akinori Otsuka and minor-league catcher Billy Killian. The Padres in return received Chris Young, Adrian Gonzalez and Terrmel Sledge.

Since we haven't been able to ship David Wells off to San Diego yet, maybe we can now after this trade. Wells for Gonzalez? Or maybe even Wells for Gonzalez and Sledge.

I've got high hopes for Gonzalez. He has an excellent glove and can hit. He could be the first baseman of our dreams. And Sledge would give us a nice outfield option. Probably be better than having Adam Stern as our fourth outfielder. His defense is above average, also. He's no platoon outfielder with Trot Nixon, though.

Maybe the Pads made this trade to then ship off Gonzalez to Boston. Maybe they didn't. But I'm hoping my theory is correct.