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Johnny Damon out of the Sox Plans?

According to Buster Olney's blog:

Heard that within the Red Sox front office, there is some sentiment to make a move now and turn the page on Johnny Damon -- land somebody like Seattle's Jeremy Reed to play center field, and then find some other way to use the money that might've gone to Damon. But the primary proponent of keeping Damon, from what is heard, is CEO Larry Lucchino, who, along with wanting to retain an All-Star center fielder, is concerned about the fallout that might result from losing a major organizational asset. Officials with the both the Red Sox and Yankees believe that only the Red Sox and Yankees are involved in the Damon talks, and New York is merely involved in order to force Boston to pay Damon a chunk of money.

First, let me just say, I enjoy reading Buster Olney's blog. I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. I find myself checking the MLB section of around fifty times a day, and I always seem to get drawn to Olney's section to see if he has updated. It's good especially now because he usually has daily updates on rumors and his reactions to the day's events (His reaction to Alex Rodriguez deciding not to play in the World Baseball Classic is great.)

Secondly, what Olney said would be a great step forward for the Red Sox. The Sox just need to step back and forget about the high-demands and found ourselves a capable replacement, like Reed.

And if Lucchino is the man behind the "Keep JD" campaign, he's adding another reason to the list why I do not like him. It seems like he wants to ruin this team. The only reason Damon doesn't have a 7y/$84 million contract is probably because Tom Werner and John Henry are holding Lucchino back.

And what is this about Lucchino being "concerned about the fallout that might result from losing a major organizational asset"? Oh, alright. If that's the case, Pedro Martinez would still be pitching in a Boston uniform, Manny Ramirez would be comfortably set at home waiting for spring training to come, and guys like Bill Mueller would be lacing up the glove to play third base in Fenway Park come April. But that isn't the case.

Forget about Damon. That's all you have to do, Mr. Lucchino. Do you really want him on the team for the next five, six, or even seven seasons? How do you think his arm will be at the tender age of 38? Wait. Excuse me, how do you think his arm is now? And do you think he could hit .320 every year for the next seven? His defense is undoubtedly declining, also.

I like Damon. Who doesn't, to be honest? He's had some great moments in Boston, but he's asking for way too much money. Sure, he's a fan-favorite, but when the contract demands are too ridiculous, it's time to cut the ties.