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2005 Sports Blogs Awards and more

JD Arney from Red Reporter has started his own awards process for the 2005 Sports Blogs Awards.

He is taking nominations right now, so I suggest clicking that link real fast and putting your ballot in the box. Don't be afraid to vote for the best Red Sox blog in the world.

(Hint: That would be this site. Right here. The one you are reading this off of. Yeah. Over The Monster ... dot com)

Also, I enabled anonymous commenting. So if you are one of those people that like reading the site, but are too lazy to make an account name, then you can now post. Though I'd really appreciate it if you made an account, I'm now giving you slackers another option.

Last thing to mention. SportsBlogs Nation now has finished the American League East, as Bluebird Banter has been added to the team. Marc Normandin from Beyond the Boxscore heads the blog, so I suggest you check it out.