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Renteria Couldn't Handle it

Just like I said yesterday and for the past couple months, Edgar Renteria couldn't handle the boos. Now he admits it.

"This was my first time," he said of the boos from the home-team supporters. "I didn't know how to handle it. ... Nobody likes to get booed. You see me play, I always start slow. Maybe the fans didn't know anything about me."

Start slow, Edgar? Ok. Let's just check the stats.

Average On-Base % Home Runs PA
2002 .284 .337 0 88
2003 .337 .372 4 104
2004 .293 .361 2 82
Those are Renteria's stats from April over the past three seasons. His worst April in the past three years was in 2002 where he hit .284 with no home runs. That may be his worst, but there are a lot of guys that would love to hit .284.

Maybe we expected a .337 April average out of you, Edgar. Maybe we expected you to light up Boston like Nomar Garciaparra did when he stepped on the field. But you didn't, and after a few months, the boos just had to be unleashed. I can proudly say that I didn't boo you though. I just screamed at my TV when you made a costly error.

But Edgar, there were always those other times. The times you were clutch. The times you made a fanatastic play out in the field; the plays where I didn't think anyone but you could have made. The times you layed down perfect bunts and hustled your way down to first.

You never quit, Edgar. So I never quit on you.

Every time you were at the plate, I wanted you to deliver. I knew you could deliver. You were struggling, but I always had it in the back of my mind that you could step up and knock in that run, or get on base to set up "Big Papi" David Ortiz. I rooted for you each time you dug your cleats in the batters box and it was more than you being a Red Sox for why I did that. I had faith you in. And, for your sake, I wanted you to hit and field like you're capable of so the Fenway Faithful didn't jump all over your back.

Your career in Boston is over, and boy, was it a short career. You tried your hardest, but now you are in a better positon, and so are the Red Sox. Will fans and websites like Boston Dirt Dogs never let you live down your season in Boston? They won't.

But I know I won't be on your back for the rest of your career just because of your one bad season in Boston.

(The commentors, though, are a different story. Sorry, Edgar.)