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It's Your Turn to Vent: Theo Epstein

Here's a new Over The Monster segment. It's called "It's your turn to Vent." It comes up whenever there is something going on in Red Sox Nation that anyone or everyone just needs to vent about. So that means we'll probably see this pretty regularly.

All you have to do is, like I said, vent. Drop a comment. Let go of your frustrations. Voice your opinion. Express your emotions to the rest of Red Sox Nation. You can flat-out complain, or you can use some stats to back everything up.

Our first issue is a simple one: vent about anything to do with Theo Epstein. Angry that he left? Angry HOW he left? Are you mad at Larry Lucchino? Should the blame be placed on the rest of the front office? What should we do now?

Here's my two cents to kick things off:

Being the general manager of the Boston Red Sox was Theo Epstein's "dream job," correct? Last time I checked, not many people give up their dream job three years into it. A dream job is typically, I believe, a job you would do for the rest of your life if it was your choice. It was Theo's choice, and he said no.

There has to be an underlying cause. Your "heart and soul" wasn't into it, Theo? That is a horrible answer. It was your dream job; your heart and soul is always into it. Something must of happened. Was it Lucchino? Was it the money? I don't really know. But what I do know is that I want Theo to tell us the truth. I don't want BS answers like the one he gave us. Give us the truth, Theo.

Put your heart and soul into it.