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General (Anger) Management

As the Sox world spins on its Yawkey axis, fans are growing restless for a new general manager to be hired. With only a few weeks to the Winter Meetings, the Sox FO must quickly move ahead with their search for Theo's replacement.

Most recently, The Red Sox announced their formal courting of David Wilder.

Here's a clipping from

"Wilder will meet with Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino, chairman Tom Werner and other club officials.

He becomes the fifth candidate to interview for the position vacated by Theo Epstein on Oct. 31, joining Jim Bowden, Jim Beattie, Dayton Moore and Wayne Krivsky.

Moore withdrew himself from the running and Krivsky was told by the Red Sox that he was out of the mix. Bowden and Beattie are both scheduled to have second interviews, probably by the early portion of next week.

Last season was Wilder's second with the World Series champion White Sox. Before that, he worked with the Brewers for four years, serving as vice president of player personnel and a special assignment scout. Wilder was also with the Cubs for four years, serving as farm director from 1996-98 and assistant general manager in 1999.

He broke in with the Braves, working there for five years as assistant director of scouting and player development."

I had been pulling hard for Dayton Moore, and still am for Peter Woodfork or Jed Hoyer. I really like what Wilder brings to the table. Obviously strength and experience in player management/evaluation/relations is important, but I also like the organizations he's been with in terms of success and structure based on the time period he worked for them. He should be looked at carefully.

At the same time, I'm hoping the Sox don't hire Beattie or Bowden just because there's really no one else. They are smarter than that. Then again, I thought they'd do everything they could to accomodate Mr. Epstein.

There's not much time left, that is, if Lucchino really wants to have a GM in place for the Winter Meetings. Hopefully Wilder can impress them, and the Killer B's can flush themselves out of the running. There's much work to be done.

In other news....since there's really not much....

Does anyone REALLY think that 3 years 27 million will get Johnny Damon? Does anyone else think that a 7 year contract woth 84 million is anything more than a bad joke?

Is A.J. Burnett this year's Carl Pavano?

Did the Yankees overpay for Hideki Matsui?

Are we close to sending Boomer Wells back to San Diego? If so, was he worth it?