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Changes to Steroid Policy: Rejoice!

Bud Selig, congratulations. You have your reputation back.

The new steroid plan inducted yesterday states that if you are caught once then you get a 50-game suspension. Twice is a 100-game ban. And if you are crazy enough to get caught a third time, then you'll be facing a lifetime ban from baseball.

This is great for baseball. This may be the best thing ever to happen to baseball, in my opinion. I don't want cheaters in baseball. I don't want guys jacked on illegal substances to be winning awards and leading their teams to any type of trophy. Cheating, in anything, is something that should never exist and now, hopefully, it won't.

Another new aspect of the drug testing policy is the addition of amphetamines to the testing list. Amphetamines, also known as `greenies,' help you get through a season, basically. It stimulates you to, in this case, perform. Bronson Arroyo describes what they do to you:

After you sit out there in the bullpen for two hours in the hot sun watching people eat peanuts and hot dogs, nobody wants to get up and face Barry Bonds or Sammy Sosa with the bases loaded. If you don't have something going for you, you're not going to make it in the game.

As an anonymous major leaguer in Chris Snow's article said:

"Boy, are you going to see some statistical changes."

Ain't that the truth.