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It's a Little Tight

David Wells had a bad fifth inning that led to a Boston loss.
I hate to tell everyone this, but you can't move back any farther. That cold, hard, immovable object that rests on your back is the wall, and we are up against it.

David Wells was solid last night, and I honestly thought he was going to be our savior of the series going into last night's game. He was great for the first four innings, but the fifth inning is what got to him. Allowing base runners with no outs, that's where the night started to be sour.

The inning continued when Tony Graffanino tried to make the double play and just took his eyes off the ball. It went through his legs and into right field to a probably shocked and pissed Trot Nixon. It lead to an eventual Tadahito Iguchi three-run home run, making the score 5-4. That's all she wrote.

It's very disappointing when you can put four runs on the board early against one of the best pitchers in the league in Mark Buehrle and, yet, still can't keep the lead to win the game.

Who do we blame this game on? I don't blame it on anyone, but places like have Graffanino's name being thrown all over the place. Why should we blame him, if David Wells himself doesn't? Gordon Edes of The Boston Globe has this to say about that moment:

Red Sox second baseman Tony Graffanino, twice a teammate, approached the lefthander on the mound, both men shaken by what had just happened: A ball that might have been rolled out of a toddler's hand had slipped beneath the glove of Graffanino, an error of a magnitude yet to be determined.

The men spoke briefly, and Wells reached out and brushed the smaller man on the back.

''I didn't say nothin'," Wells said. ''He came up to the mound and just said, 'Pick me up.' I said, 'No problem.' That's what you got to do. You can't . . . you're upset, yeah, but you can't show any emotions out there. I'm not going to show him up. He's played great for us since he's been here. I've known Tony for a long time."

Wells said it all right there. You just got pick him up We can't keep blaming players, coaches, fans or umpires. You just have to go out and win the game under whatever circumstances they may be. We just have to pick up Graff, and go win the next three games. It's possible, of course.

I say that, and people here at Over The Monster already seem like the season is over. It's not over yet. We still have at least one more game to be played. How did we feel when the Yankees went three up in the ALCS last season? We were down, we were out, and we stuck to our old, reliable slogan of "Wait `Till Next Year." We made a thought-to-be-impossible comeback, though, and the Red Sox ended up beating the best team in baseball and winning the World Series title.

The players are different this year, of course. But that's no excuse. This team is still wearing that `B' on their hat for a reason, and they will continue to play as hard as they can because they know they can do it.

Why can't we do that again? We can.