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Take a Deep Breath

We all know the score of yesterday's game. It was ugly. It was brutal. And it should never have happened.

How in the world did the best hitting team in the majors - that would be us - manage to score just two runs against Jose Contreras; the man Red Sox hitters used to salivate over a week before they were facing him.

Maybe we should have expected this. Matt Clement hasn't been himself or, actually, maybe he is himself, and hasn't learned to pitch after the All-Star break. Was I crazy to think that Clement could step up? I don't think so because there is still more baseball to be played, but it won't be night and day with him from the regular season to the post-season. Maybe he will be our savior; our Derek Lowe of 2005.

Questioning Terry Francona part 1,438:

Why do you put our third most valuable relief pitcher, Chad Bradford, in the game during the fourth inning to pitch an inning and a third? Was there still hope at 8-2? I don't think so. At that point in the game it's Jeremi Gonzalez time, sadly enough. Bradford was a great stop-gap, but he's too valuable to be pitching in that situation. Game was over then, I believe.

At this point, I think we need to go with what works. Kevin Millar at first base: doesn't' work. John Olerud at first base: does work. I don't care what type of success Millar has against Contreras or whatever it is, Olerud needs to play. He's been the guy hitting the ball this year, not Millar.

One more little tiff about the game was the fact Gonzalez let up a home run to Scott Podsednik. Podsednik went the whole season without delivering a home run, and we get to give him one during the playoffs.

David Wells mans the hill tonight for Boston. And unlike the beginning of the season, I have a lot of faith in Wells. He has really turned his season around and has been one of our most valuable pitchers this season. His goal is to win a World Series as a Red Sox. I want him to do it so badly.