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Theo's Gone

I usually don't let my true emotions go on this website. I share my feelings, but usually not to their full degree. I hold them back, because sometimes they are just way too extreme and will crash the server if I generate them to their fullest extent.

But, in the case of Theo Epstein not coming back as the general manager of the Boston Red Sox, I may just have to light this server on fire.

Why the hell can we not re-sign Theo Epstein? He may have wanted a good chunk of money compared to some other general managers around baseball, but just give him the money that he wants. He's done more for this club in three years than any general manager has ever done with the Red Sox before him.

Epstein brought in players like Bill Mueller, Tony Graffanino, Dave Roberts, and most importantly: David Ortiz. Where would we be without Epstein? We probably wouldn't have (or had) any of those guys to be honest. Epstein doesn't do it alone, but he's the guy that pulls the trigger. He's the guy that saw talent in Ortiz, Mueller, and Graffanino. He's the guy that knew Roberts would be valuable down the stretch.

Another important characteristic of Epstein that a lot of GMs don't have: guts. He pulled the trigger on one of the biggest trades in Red Sox history when he dealt Boston hero Nomar Garciaparra to the Windy City. Not many managers would be that gutsy to do something along those lines. The ridicule from the fans alone, if it had backfired, would have cost him his job as soon as the season was over.

I forgot to mention one thing. He was the GM when the Sox won the World Series. A big factor? I think so. He was the first guy to do it in 86 years, but apparently that wasn't good enough for Larry Lucchino. I mention Lucchino, but I really don't even want to get on the subject of him right now.

Now it's time to play the game called:

Who's The GM?

I hate this game.