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Finally! Some News!

We've finally got some news coming out of Red Sox Nation!

First, Manny's agent says he wants to be traded. And if he isn't traded, he won't report to spring training.

If this is the complete truth, then get rid of Manny. He, at this point, is a clubhouse cancer and we should just ditch him and take the money and run. Know who I want? Lance Berkman. If we could land Berkman and lose Manny then I'll be one of the happiest people in the Nation.

It's been bad before, but this is the last straw, I believe. Theo Epstein (once he is signed, which should be soon) needs to just find a buyer and dsih him out. He did it with Nomar Garciaparra, so I believe he can do it with Manny. The only real issue that I foresee being a problem is the money. But if the Mets want him badly enough, then just let him go.

Manny must have multiple personalities. One week he wants to stay in Boston. The next he wants a trade. Do we want a crazy guy like that in the clubhouse anymore? Nope. That's why we need to give the team an attitude face-lift, losing him and Millar in the process.

Forget Manny. We've got Mike Timlin back. The deal is reportedly close to three million for one season, pending that he passes a team physical.

Timlin was a rock this year and was pretty good as a closer. I don't see him being anywhere as good as he was this season, but he still should be a valuable arm in the bullpen. 81 games? Probably not. But as long as the injury or age bug doesn't hit, he should be solid.

Theo Epstein's contract is still up in the air. Apparently he's 'still on course' but I'm pretty disappointed that he hasn't received a deal yet. He deserves (almost) everything he asks for. Even an 'underage polynesian woman in his room', according to Beth, who I had a conversation with early on the subject.

Things to keep in mind:
Is Johnny coming back?
What about Bill Mueller?
Who are we targeting?