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Nixon Undergoes Surgery ... Roster Moves

  • Houston lost to the Cardinals last night, 5-4, after Brad Lidge let up a mammoth home run to Albert Pujols. Let me tell you something: that ball was mauled. It was up in the train tracks when it landed.

    Lidge didn't get the job done. It looked like he was going to be able to pull it out, but after allowing a few base runners he just couldn't put away Pujols. Lidge's final line: 1.0, 2 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 3 SO.

  • The Red Sox announced on Monday that Trot Nixon underwent arthroscopic left knee surgery Friday. Red Sox physician Tom Gill said it was successful, and that he will resume baseball-related work in two weeks.

    This is good news for Sox fans. He's getting the surgery over now instead of trying to play through it ala Keith Foulke. Nixon is scheduled to be at 100 percent at spring training.

  • The Sox made a few 40-man roster moves. Chad Harville, Mike Stanton and Jeremi Gonzalez decided to head for the free agent market instead of taking a demotion to Pawtucket. While Adam Hyzdu was flat-out released. This made room for Edgar Martinez to make it on the 40-man roster. Martinez is a fireballing relief pitcher for Portland who was converted from a catcher a couple of seasons back. They feel he's valuable enough to not let him go, so they are protecting him on the 40-man roster.
  • The glass is broken.

    The Red Sox are adding club seats to Fenway Park for 2006 -- yet more cosmetic and financial changes -- and by doing that they had to change the .406 club by breaking the Plexiglas.

    The key to the new seats are being in 'open air' so that the fans can be in the energy of Fenway Park. All in all, there will be approximately 1,100 more seats in Fenway for 2006. The cosmetic changes should be interesting behind home plate.