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Interesting Links

Been a couple of days, but there has been honestly no Boston Red Sox news. No re-signings, no new word on Theo Epstein. David Wells update? He's having surgery in the off-season and is talking about retirement with his wife.

  • The Boston Globe has a nice section of photos and polls for their off-season primer. They have a picture and a quick description of some free agents at key positions that the Red Sox might eye this off-season.

    Some of the polls are pretty interesting. Like, for example, Kevin Millar rates last in "Who would you most like to see at first base in 2006?" The fans have obviously ditched Millar, and are in love with John Olerud, who had a high percentage of the votes, but still a large margin behind Chicago's Paul Konerko.

    They also ask "What should the Sox do with Mike Myers and Matt Mantei?" I said keep both, but the majority was "Bring Myers back only," while second was "Let them both walk." Also, no question for Wade Miller, but I'd like to bring him back with no promises to him. If he pitches in AAA all season, then so be it. But he still has the potential to be great.

  • Tony Massaroti has a lengthy article on Theo Epstein. Should we re-sign him? Yes, yes, and definitely yes. Should we give him Beane-money? Maybe not that much, but he's worth a nice pocket of change.