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MLB Roundup 12/11: Billy Hamilton signs with the Royals

A couple of small moves and one big rumor.

Daily Red Sox Links: Nathan Eovaldi, Craig Kimbrel, Robby Scott

In today’s links, we discuss players coming back and players leaving. Plus Manny Ramirez’s Hall of Fame case.

Reds claim Robby Scott from Red Sox

The lefty is losing his Sox.

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Offseason Target: Sergio Romo

He’s flying a bit under the radar this winter, but the veteran could be a solid addition

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2018 in Review: David Price

There was drama, but when push came to shove, he did the damn thing. Just keep him away from the Yankees.

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The Red Seat: Episode 103-Eovaldi Is Back and The Winter Meetings Begin

Will the team make any trades or sign any relievers this week?

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Red Sox Roster/Payroll Tracker

I’ll try to keep this updated all year

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

MLB Roundup 12/10: Mike Napoli retires

A quick catch-up of a pretty uneventful weekend

Daily Red Sox Links: Lee Smith, Carlos Asuaje, Mitch Moreland

In today’s links, Lee Smith is going to the Hall of Fame, another domino in the Craig Kimbrel trade of 2015 and a word about passes balls

Previewing the Winter Meetings

It’s the biggest week of the offseason

Daily Red Sox Links: Nathan Eovaldi, Mike Napoli, Winter Meetings

Offseason Target: Joakim Soria

A look at the veteran free agent reliever

Daily Red Sox Links: Nathan Eovaldi, Dave Dombrowski, Billy McMillon

Celebrate Nathan Eovaldi’s return in style

Nasty Nate is back, and that’s reason to celebrate

Nathan Eovaldi’s cutter changed everything

And it’s why we should believe in his 2018 performance

When are Red Sox fans ‘allowed’ to complain again?

The Red Sox have won four titles since 2004, so fans must remember that they just look spoiled and greedy when they complain excessively about anything this team does.

2018 in Review: Bobby Poyner

The late-bloomer was a solid addition to the Sox pen, be it in Boston or Pawtucket.

MLB Roundup 12/6: Tragedy in Venezuela

A tragic car accident in Venezuela, and more baseball news.

Daily Red Sox Links: Nathan Eovaldi, Craig Kimbrel, Joakim Soria

Today we look at who the Red Sox signed (welcome back, Nathan) and who they might sign in the future.

Scattered thoughts on the Nathan Eovaldi deal

It’s good, even with some concerns.

It’s done. Red Sox re-sign Nathan Eovaldi

The boy is back in town

2018 in Review: Rick Porcello

A better year than it seemed followed by a great October

MLB Roundup 12/6: Paul Goldschmidt traded to the Cardinals

And some big shift talk around the league

Daily Red Sox Links: Nathan Eovaldi, Craig Kimbrel, J.D. Martinez

In today’s links, we’re still laser-focused on Nathan Eovaldi, but what about Craig Kimbrel? Plus David Ortiz gives props to J.D. Martinez and we are puzzled by why MLB might ban the shift.

Talks between Red Sox and Nathan Eovaldi reportedly “intensifying”

The boys are considering coming back to town

Red Sox Offseason Target: Kelvin Herrera

He was a midseason target, so presumably he’s an offseason one as well

2018 in Review: Drew Pomeranz

One of the very few disappointing years on the 2018 Red Sox.

Red Sox GIFs, Video, and Fun

MLB Roundup 12/5: Patrick Corbin signs with the Nationals

He was rumored to be targeted by the Yankees

Daily Red Sox Links: Nathan Eovaldi, Patrick Corbin, Dave Dombrowski

In today’s links, we discuss the possibility of resigning Nathan Eovaldi from all angles, including how Patrick Corbin’s decision to go to Washington might affect things.

What about Joe Kelly?

The Red Sox have been connected much more to the other departing free agents.

2018 in Review: Steve Pearce

Pretty decent, tbh

MLB prospects & minor leagues

MLB Roundup 12/4: Mariners make their trades official

And an old friend gets a new contract

Daily Red Sox Links: Kelvin Herrera, David Ortiz, The First World Series

In today’s links we’re still talking relievers, while looking at David Ortiz’s post-playing career, the Red Sox’s decision to go to the White House and the first World Series.

Assessing the risk in signing Andrew Miller or Zach Britton

Should the Red Sox take a chance on the two left-handed relievers?

2018 in Review: Eduardo Núñez

Núñez can be a really fun player, but most of his 2018 was anything but

MLB Network named Game Four of the ALCS the best game of the year

It is a correct judgement


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