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Replacing the workload of Craig Kimbrel and Joe Kelly will not be easy

Obviously quality matters, but the Red Sox will have a hard enough time just replacing the innings.

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Red Sox in discussions with Shawn Kelley, among others

Other teams are always talking with the righty

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OTM Open Thread 1/21: The AFC Championship Game Hangover

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MLB Roundup 1/20: A few rumors, little action

A day of nothingness in baseball

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Daily Red Sox Links: Mookie Betts, Shawn Kelley, David Ortiz

In today’s links, the Red Sox want Mookie Betts to stick around, Shawn Kelley could be a Red Sox reliever and David Ortiz weighs in on Tom Brady’s future.

The Patriots dynasty has affected being a Red Sox fan

Even if you don’t like football, there’s an undeniable link between the two teams.

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Red Sox Roster/Payroll Tracker

I’ll try to keep this updated all year

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

OTM Open Thread: 1/20: Hunker down and Go Pats

MLB Roundup 1/20: Sounds like the Sonny Gray trade is done

Daily Red Sox Links: Chris Sale, Xander Bogaerts, Brian Johnson

OTM Open Thread 1/19: Get your bread and milk

MLB Roundup 1/19: Sonny Gray trade moving closer

Daily Red Sox Links: John Henry, Steve Pearce, Alex Cora

Potential minor-league signings for the Red Sox

Five potential minor-league signings at five different positions.

OTM Open Thread 1/18: It is Friday.

MLB Roundup 1/18: Adam Ottavino signs in New York

Two of the top remaining relievers are off the market.

Daily Red Sox Links: The Bullpen, Alex Cora, Blake Swihart

In today’s links, the Red Sox say the bullpen’s fine, but its tough to feel that way with more relievers coming off the market.

In some ways, Mookie Betts could be even better in 2019

Mookie Betts only played 136 games during his MVP season in 2018. If he doesn’t miss any time in 2019, what could he accomplish?

OTM Open Thread 1/17: It is Thursday

MLB Roundup 1/17: Manny Machado’s agent speaks out

Remember when the offseason would be about teams on the field?

Daily Red Sox Links: Michael Chavis, Dave Dombrowski, Billy McMillon

Alex Cora will have a lot of challenges in 2019

Not that there’s any reason to believe he can’t handle it

OTM Open Thread 1/16: It is Wednesday

MLB Roundup 1/16: Corey Kluber trade rumors are back

And the Phillies are still talking a big game.

Daily Red Sox Links: Adam Ottavino, Blake Swihart, Portland Sea Dogs

In today’s links, the Red Sox might lose out on another free agent reliever, we ponder what’s to be done with Blake Swihart and prospects will keep coming from Portland.

Checking on the minor-league depth: Pitchers

Do the Red Sox have enough pitching depth to get through injuries?

Red Sox sign Daniel Schlereth to minor-league deal

More depth for Pawtucket’s bullpen.

OTM Open Thread 1/15: It is Tuesday

Red Sox GIFs, Video, and Fun

MLB Roundup 1/15: Kyler Murray officially declares for the NFL draft

And the Rays sign a right-handed bat

Daily Red Sox Links: Mookie Betts, Steve Pearce, Offseason Rumors

In today’s links, we talk the Red Sox’s chances of signing Mookie Betts to a long term extension, Steve Pearce answers some questions and more offseason discussion.

Checking in on the minor-league depth: Position Players

We know the major leaguers, but what about the injury insurance?

Looking at some outfield projections

With the new year comes new expectations, which expectation is more reasonable regarding our outfielders?

MLB prospects & minor leagues

OTM Open Thread 1/14: Mondays, amirite?

MLB Roundup 1/14: MLB is pulling out all the stops for Kyler Murray

And the two stars in free agency may be closer to deals.

Daily Red Sox Links: Will Middlebrooks, Steve Pearce, J.D. Martinez

In today’s links, Will Middlebrooks calls it a career, Steve Pearce pokes fun at LA and J.D. Martinez hangs with Drake.

Maybe Dombrowski doesn’t look at the bullpen like the rest of us do

He’s regularly gone against the grain


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