Top 10 Moments

OTM's Top 10 Red Sox Moments of 2009: Honorable Mentions


David Ortiz's first home run and Nomar Garciaparra's return to the Fens highlights the honorable mentions of OTM's top moments of the Red Sox's 2009 season.

Top 10 Moments Of The 2009 Season: We Need Your Suggestions


OTM wants to recap the year, but needs your help.

Top 10 of '08: #1 - ALCS Game 5: Don't count out the Red Sox


Happy, happy, joy, joy. (via OTM's coverage | box score | Globe's 'Anatomy of a rally' It was the biggest comeback in postseason history, so how could it not be Over...

Top 10 of '08: Where are we at and where are we going?


Over the past few weeks you have seen E-Coli, Allen and myself putting up the Top 10 moments of the Red Sox's 2008 season. It hasn't been the most consistent schedule, but I just wanted to update...

Top 10 of '08, #2: Jon Lester's no-hitter


via box score | Allen's post-game recap | Randy's analysis The reason I am writing up No. 2 of the top 10 moments of the 2008 Red Sox season instead of Allen, E-Coli...

Top 10 of '08: #3, Lester in da Bronx, 7/3/08


Kids, I was in somewhat dire straits about the Sox around the beginning of July. We looked like S., and that's always magnified when you are playing against your longtime bitterly-hated division...

Top 10 of '08, #4: ALDS Game 2 - Drew's HR sinks Angels


via box score | OTM coverage | I don't care what you call him, but here's some suggestions for JD Drew nicknames: Not "Nancy" "Clutch" In Drew's...

Top 10 of '08, #5: Beckett, Varitek heroics


OTM's Game 6 recap | box score Josh Beckett is known as one of the baseball's best postseason pitchers in recent years. He did it with the Florida Marlins in 2003 and the same with the Red...

Top 10 of '08: Bay in Boston; A Star? Is Born?, 8/1/08


via It's safe to say that the first day of August dawned with a number of conflicting feelings for Red Sox fans. I'm going to sell myself out as a big softy by telling you that...

Top 10 of '08, #7 - Clean-up hitter of the year


Pedroia hitting a home run. Just Dustin bein' Dustin. (via OTM COVERAGE:Aug. 31: "His name is 'Destroyah' for a reason"E-Coli's unforgettable "MVP" series: Ready to Lead?...

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