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Words from Randy: Red Sox were so close


You know? A baseball series doesn't get much better than that. Obviously we're not the happy fans tonight. Those guys in Florida are the lucky ones. But there's nothing to really to be...

Two years in a row: What's it like now?


via d.yimg.com It's almost 1:30 p.m. here and I can't help but think about tonight's game seven. Does anyone remember last year's game seven against the Indians? As we know, it was the same exact...

ALCS Game 6 Recap: Beckett, Sox edge Rays, 4-2


Paps says: "Tek', my boy. We need one more!" (via d.yimg.com) A lot of people gave up when the Red Sox were down 7-0 in the 7th inning of game five. No one then would have guessed the Red Sox...

Game 5 Postgame: Can you believe it?


via cache.boston.com With J.D. Drew's 9th inning double off JP Howell, the Boston Red Sox have completed the greatest comeback in ALCS elimination game history. They were down 7-0 to start the...

Playoff Announcers: A Modest Proposal


Recently, there's been much discussion of the role that new technology will play in baseball. Halfway through the year, Major League Baseball instituted a policy of instant replay for the...

ALCS Game 4: Postgame Thread


"Wakefield: Pretty cool, for a guy you don't want to pitch in October" via i306.photobucket.com Did you watch game four? Are you unhappy about it? Ask your doctor if Prozac this thread is...

ALCS Game 2: Recap


"Let's blow this game, together!" say Josh and Tito. via i.a.cnn.net What do you call a Josh Beckett playoff start in which the Red Sox score 8 runs? If this were the ALCS last year, you'd call...

Matsuzaka shuts down Rays, 2-0


via d.yimg.com Daisuke Matsuzaka knows when to kick it up a notch. Tonight, with all eyes on him, he did that -- and more. After walking the bases loaded in the first inning, Matsuzaka buckled...

ALCS Preview: Red Sox and Rays -- to the death


via www.projo.com And they meet again. The Boston Red Sox versus the best team in the American League East, the Tampa Bay Rays. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best ALCS...

Questions with DRays Bay's RJ Anderson


Don't worry. This time, these questions and answers are pretty solid. RJ Anderson from DRaysBay.com, the SBN Rays blog, answered some questions for me just in time for game one of the ALCS. Who's...

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