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And ... call it: the Red Sox offseason is over


"I don't think there's anything left." "OK. Call it." "February 4th, 2009." "It led a good life, but this Red Sox offseason is done." Yup, so I'm killing the offseason right now. I am saying...

The Jason Varitek Open Thread


via schmohawk.files.wordpress.com Within the next 24 hours we will find out if Jason Varitek will ever be a member of the Boston Red Sox again. He's got to make up his mind: take the $5M or see...

Varitek, Henry meeting goes 'OK'


The 90-minute meeting between Jason Varitek and Red Sox owner John Henry went 'OK' according to Varitek: Communicating via text message after the meeting, Varitek would say only that the meeting...

Youkilis, Sox close on extension


[Note by Allen Chace, 01/15/09 4:27 PM EST ] Lovely Amalie chimes in: The deal is "close" but not complete. Let's see whether we have an announcement tomorrow afternoon.  Gammons via MLBTR. ......

Smoltz introduced as a Boston Red Sox


Welcome to Boston, Mr. Smoltz. John Smoltz was introduced as a Boston Red Sox this morning. The Globe has a nice video interview with Smoltz after he was introduced. I'm really excited to see...

Red Sox sign Takashi Saito


To continue the "low-risk, high-reward" train the Red Sox have been on, they signed reliever Takashi Saito today to a 1-year/$1.5M contract: The deal was completed after Saito passed his...

Red Sox sign Mark Kotsay


Everybody wanted him back, so guess what? He's back! The Red Sox signed Mark Kotsay to presumably be a backup first baseman and 4th/5th outfielder: Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein continued...

Baldelli, Smoltz to Sox are done deals


Red Sox sign veteran John Smoltz and talented Rocco Baldelli.

Smoltz leaning toward signing with Red Sox


With the Rocco Baldelli news comes the Sox might sign veteran starter John Smoltz as well: The Sox are also trying to hash out an agreement with veteran free-agent right-hander John Smoltz, who...

Choosing between Lowrie and Lugo is a toss up


Could Julio Lugo overtake Jed Lowrie for the shortstop job in '09? Lowrie Outside of who's behind the plate for the Red Sox on Opening Day, the biggest question mark is up the middle, to the...

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