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Every Red Sox Spring Training Story Ever.


What is every single Spring Training like? This.

Recognizing Excellence.


I've been meaning to link to this for a few days now, and really just kept forgetting. Joy of Sox is, in my opinion, an excellent Sox blog (by Allan Wood, who would probably insist that I'm the...

Sox and the Big Free Agents.


For the purposes of this posting, I'm restricting it to the top top free agents. Any who've been rumored or speculated as fits for the Sox. CC Sabathia This was a rumor that more or less began...

Sox pitchers and FIP


FIP is a metric by which pitchers are judged based on how they pitch. Luck, defense, etc. are intended to be eliminated by the use of this metric. It takes into account how well a pitcher strikes...

Game Story: 3-4-10.


via www.fangraphs.com Summary: .993 OPS. David Ortiz J.D. Drew. He's been a monster, and while I acknowledge the point that he might be seeing better pitches ahead of Manny than he was ahead of...

Game Story: Lugo (BS, 1)


Summary: ...no. In fact, F no. Player of the Game: via d.yimg.com Comment of the ClusterF. Entertaining Redeeming Moment: At some point in the game, the FSN Detroit cameras caught a Sox...

Weekend Story: WTF, Mates.


via d.yimg.com There are probably a number of Red Sox who would argue that they didn't suck at baseball this weekend. If they're not one of the above two gentlemen, they can save it. Summary: ...

Comeback kids times 2. Miraculous.


  via www.fangraphs.com Summary: Jennings v. Lester Woohoo and whatnot. Jon Lester threw 6 innings. I threw a little party for him last night, on behalf of that. Good work by the 'pen as...

I'm insane?


All right. I've got kind of a radical idea, but not, about this David Ortiz situation. DL him. 15 days. Call it his knee, it's believable. No team in the history of the universe of ever of...


MMMBop: Hansen's back

Craig Hansen has started off the 2008 season in terrific style for the PawSox. Six innings, eight strikeouts, one hit. If that doesn’t make you say "MMMbop", I don’t know what would. Yes, yes....

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