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Los Angeles Dodgers release an It Gets Better video


James Loney The Los Angeles Dodgers have released a terrific It Gets Better video that features several players and manager Don Mattingly. T...

Phils, Rays spoil the media's Manny party


Do you ever wonder how much thought goes into the predictions made by members of the media? This year, when it came to baseball's League Championship Series, it certainly made me wonder. The...

Dodger fans: nasty and off the bandwagon


StubHub, the offical scalper of Major League Baseball, reported that prices plummeted for Game 5 of the Phillies-Dodgers NL Championship Series at Dodger Stadium, thanks to the Dodgers' falling...

Matt Stairs likes it in the rear


He was only acquired by the Philadelphia Phillies on Aug. 30th, just in time to be eligible for the postseason. So, asked a question  in the press conference about feeling like part of the team...

MLB playoffs: four teams in deep trouble


Two games in, four baseball teams are already on the verge of having their playoff runs ended.  But while each of the four Division Series stands at 2-0, they haven't been without some surprises. W...

Joe Torre gets the last laugh


A year after being dumped as manager of the New York Yankees, manager Joe Torre has the Los Angeles Dodgers on the verge of winning the National League West while his old team will miss the...

Russell Martin and the Midnight Massacre


Prior to the non-tender deadline, Russell Martin came within spitting distance of becoming a Yankee (AP). The stroke of midnight on Thursday...

Patch things up with Torre


THINKING OF MY FATHER From Jerome K. Jerome’s "Three Men in a Boat" (1889): I went to my medical man… He opened me and looked down me, and clutched hold of my wrist, and then he hit me over the...

Ben-Theo and the "Hand me down" corollary.


How Theo's hand me downs were not what Ben wanted.

Royals, Jonathan Broxton agree to deal


The Royals are in the news again. With a need for bullpen help, I thought that Broxton was someone that DD could have made a run at, but $4MM plus incentives seems like alot for a power pitcher that had elbow surgery in September. I suppose that the Royals have to pay a "Kansas City tax" until they have a contender there.

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