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The Brad Mills Report

Taking a look at Brad Mills' Oakland debut, and whether or not he may be the best choice to replace the injured Drew Pomeranz in the rotation.

How Big Papi got his WWE title for the Red Sox parade


Always the company man, the World Heavyweight Champion (WHC) John Cena made sure that David Ortiz, the face of his hometown baseball club, had some WWE swag to wear to their World Series parade. Does the fact that he didn't send him a replica of Big Goldy confirm its status as a secondary title?

David Ortiz, World Series MVP, celebrates the Red Sox win the right way


Big Papi just enjoying life after the Boston Red Sox won yet another World Series this year. Photo via his Twitter.

Jeet, Papi, A-Rod


For all of his recent woes, Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit was a thrill to behold. (AP) After sitting in the Yankee Stadium press box for...

My AL All-Star Ballot


Fan voting for the All-Star starters ends at midnight tonight, so here's a quick look at who the most deserving American League candidates are and how the Yankees' starting nine stacks up. First...

When is Enough, Enough in Boston?


The drama in Boston has always been overwhelming when it comes to sports, baseball in particular, but when is enough, enough?


David Ortiz, Hall of Famer(?)

I want to start doing more open thread chats. Today's is a thought exercise in predicting the future. What does 15-year major leaguer David Ortiz--who is now hitting .324/.390/.602 with 14 homers...

Jay-Z Suing David Ortiz for Swiping Club Name


"At the 40/40 Club, ESPN on the screen," Jay-Z raps on 2003's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder." And now Shawn Carter is filing suit against one of the guys who was on ESPN all the time in 2003, Red Sox...

David Ortiz Is Not Bleeping Happy With Your Bleeping Questions, You Bleep


Going 0-7 at the plate to start the season isn't a brilliant beginning for anyone in baseball, much less David Ortiz. But Ortiz plays in a media market that requires every angle covered, every...

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Big Papi, Talks Sauce Not Juice


↵With so much attention on the late night talk show circuit this week, especially those on NBC, it's interesting that Jimmy Fallon is the one who ends up being blogged about today. But unlike...

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