Red Sox Game Stories

Red Sox 1, Blue Jays 14: Reversal of fortunes


Turnabout is fair play, I suppose.

David Ortiz' three-run blast snaps losing streak


David Ortiz took it on his own shoulders to end Boston's losing streak, taking Chris Archer deep for a three-run shot that proved enough to top the Rays Sunday afternoon.

Red Sox 0, Rays 3: Predictable losses


The Red Sox have once again followed up a run of wins with a five-game losing streek.

Red Sox 4, Rays 6: Bullpen implodes, Red Sox lose


The losing streak reached four courtesy of a bullpen implosion from Andrew Miller and Junichi Tazawa.

Red Sox 0, Blue Jays 8: Dead cat bounce


It was a fun couple weeks, but the Red Sox are bad again. Real bad.

Red Sox 4, Blue Jays 6: Momentum lost


Any hopes that the Red Sox could roll past their 7-3 defeat on Tuesday came to an appropriately symbolic end on Wednesday.

Red Sox 3, Blue Jays 7: A classic Jake Peavy loss


The Red Sox' momentum proved insufficient to overcome Jake Peavy's losing habit Tuesday night in Toronto.

Red Sox 14, Blue Jays 1: Boom


Fourteen-to-one. Enough said.

Red Sox 6, Royals 0: Jon Lester dominates, Red Sox


The Red Sox completed their sweep of the Royals Sunday afternoon behind a dominant Jon Lester.

Mike Napoli blasts Sox to third straight win


Boston's post-Pierzynski momentum has survived the All-Star break, with Mike Napoli providing the decisive homer in a 2-1 victory over the Royals.


Red Sox 11, Astros 0: Buchholz goes the distance


The Red Sox put up eleven runs, but it was Clay Buchholz who stole the show with a complete game shutout.

Red Sox 2, Astros 3: Stranded


The Red Sox had a lot of hits and very few runs. Just like old times.

Red Sox 8, Astros 3: Vazquez keeps Red Sox rolling


The Red Sox are suddenly on a three-game winning streak, and this time you can actually attribute a big part of the victory directly to A.J. Pierzynski's departure--or, rather, to his replacement.

Mike Carp channels 2013, Red Sox walk off


The end of the White Sox series has brought a bit of the old 2013 magic back into Fenway Park, with the Red Sox picking up their second walkoff victory in as many games.

Red Sox 5, White Sox 4: The kids are all right


Between big defensive plays, and rally-starting and game-winning hits, Boston's youth movement had a pretty good night Wednesday.

Red Sox 3, White Sox 8: And into the tank they go


If only the Red Sox were tanking. Then they'd at least have an excuse.

Red Sox 6, Orioles 7: Sox rally, but fall in 12


The Red Sox produced a big seventh-inning rally, but couldn't hold out forever, falling in twelve innings to the Orioles.

Red Sox 4, Orioles 7: Lackey's struggles continue


John Lackey struggled, and while the Red Sox offense flared up in the fourth, it was never to be seen again.

Red Sox 3, Orioles 2: Sox start DH with walkoff


The Red Sox took game one of their day-night doubleheader in dramatic fashion, with an unusual source providing the biggest hit.

Red Sox 9, Cubs 16: Death rattle in Fenway


The Red Sox were swept by the Cubs--one last brutal death rattle from a team that has taken quite a while in dying.

Red Sox 1, Cubs 2: A year without bats


The Red Sox lost again. And while it may have been Koji Uehara who gave up the winning run, it's once again the offense that deserves the blame.

Red Sox 0, Cubs 2: Sox nearly no-hit


There was no touching Jake Arrieta Monday night.

Red Sox 8, Yankees 5: Bats wake up against Whitley


John Lackey was not at his best, but Boston's bats were up to the task of staying ahead of the Yankees Sunday night in New York.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 1: Mike Napoli makes good


Two homers saw the Red Sox to victory at the end of a fantastic pitchers' duel between Jon Lester and Masahiro Tanaka.

Red Sox 0, Yankees 6: What offense?


27 outs once again proved too few to push across a run.

Red Sox 7, Athletics 6: Sox overcome late meltdown


The Red Sox had the game in the bag, gave it away, but managed to come away winners in extra innings all-the-same.

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