Over The Monster Podcast: A Rough Start

Things have not been the best for the 2014 Red Sox. This isn't 2013 anymore. Sadly. But that doesn't mean 2014 can't be its own success. Brendan and Matt discuss.

The Over the Monster Podcast: Episode 100

100 episodes in and Matt and Brendan welcome back former co-host Marc Normandin and first ever guest of the podcast, Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus.

98th OTM Podcast: Ortiz, Lester, Soccer Kittens

Brendan, Marc, and Matt discuss the David Ortiz extension, what it means, why it happened, whether or not it was good (spoiler: it is good), and then talk about Jon Lester's contract situation and what should and will happen there.

OTM Podcast: Grady Sizemore Is For Real

A Red Sox podcast that discusses Grady Sizemore? You don't say!

OTM Podcast: Fenway, Capuano, and Talky-talky!

Podcasts are listenable talky things in your ears but also in a pod with a cast! Silly! This one has baseball in it!

Over The Monster Podcast: Dempster Diving

The 95th OTM Podcast covers Ryan Dempster's non-retirement retirement, Xander Bogaerts' awesomeness, and some team projections because projections = fun!

Over the Monster Podcast: Pitching and pitching!

Talking bullpen, potential minor league call-ups, Will Middlebrooks, and the proper way to construct the Red Sox lineup.

OTM Podcast Ep. 93: (Size)more!

Red Sox yak'n for people who can't read!

Podcast: Will Leitch and the World Series

Will Leitch joins Matt Kory on the Over the Monster Podcast to talk about the World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals, and other fun things.


The 91st Over The Monster Podcast: World Series!

Matt and Brendan analyze the World Series! Dudes! Holy [swear word]!! We're in the World Series!!

The 90th Over The Monster Podcast

On the podcast, Brendan and Matt discuss the first two games of the ALCS, the strategy the Red Sox have followed, if it has worked, and what the team must do going forward to reach the World Series.

The Over The Monster Podcast - ALCS Preview

The OTM Podcast is back and ever so timely. It's time to look back at the series just past and analyze the one upcoming.

The Over The Monster Podcast: Reboot!

Get your ears on, set your expectations to "low" and fire it up, it's the return of the Over The Monster Podcast!

OTM Podcast: Wells, Bradley, Red Sox Surprises

The 85th OTM Podcast discusses the Yankees recent acquisition of Vernon Wells, re-looks at the up-and-coming Jackie Bradley decision, and attempts to discern the best and worst of Red Sox spring training.

Over The Monster Podcast: Analyzing The Rotation

The Red Sox will sink or swim by their rotation but part of that rotation is in the minor leagues. This week's podcast looks at those guys, analyzes them, and their place on the 2013 Red Sox.

Over The Monster Podcast: Re-Reviewing Yankees

The 83rd OTM Podcast reviews the Yankees in light of their recent injuries and re-assesses their chances in the AL East, looks at Jackie Bradley, and imagines a world with too many Red Sox shortstops.

Over The Monster Podcast: Concluding Previews

The (real) final installment of our AL East Preview podcasts, this one analyzes the entirety of the division, including the Red Sox place within it.

The Over The Monster Podcast: 2013 Rays Preview

The final installment of our AL East Preview podcasts, this one focuses on the Tampa Rays. We speak with Tommy Rancel of The Process Report about the 2012 Rays, their off-season, and what we can expect from them in 2013.

Over The Monster Podcast Baltimore Orioles Preview

Matt Kory previews the 2013 Baltimore Orioles with Jonathan Bernhardt of Sports on Earth

Over The Monster Podcast Toronto Blue Jays Preview

Matt Kory previews the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays with Dustin Parkes of The Score's new Fanatico blog

The Over The Monster Podcast: 2013 Yankees Preview

Matt Kory previews the 2013 New York Yankees with Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated and Baseball Prospectus

The 77th Over The Monster Podcast: Joel Hanrahan

Examining the Joel Hanrahan trade, looking at player options and the Red Sox 40 man roster situation, and a quick discussion of Boston's catcher situation now and in the future.

The 76th Over The Monster Podcast

The OTM Podcast is back with the first show of 2013. This week we're looking at Will Middlebrooks, David Ortiz, Joel Hanrahan, and Giancarlo Stanton.

The Over The Monster Podcast: Stephen Drew

The OTM Podcast explores the meaning of the Stephen Drew signing; what it means for Boston, what it says about their off-season strategy, and what means for fielding master Jose Iglesias? It's all here, it's all podcasty, it's all the OTM Podcast!

The 74th Over The Monster Podcast - Need Pitching!

The 74th OTM Podcast does some Happy Normandin Question Time. We talked Koji Uehara, Kevin Youkilis, Ryan Dempster, Kyle Lohse, and Jacoby Ellsbury.

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