Open Thread


Game 3: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Can the Red Sox match their 2013 start with a series win?


Game 2: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Let's get on the board, folks


Game 1: Opening Day, Red Sox vs. Orioles

The title defense begins

On the cancellation that shouldn't have happened


Why relief soon gave way to anger.


Game 8: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Alfredo Aceves will start tomorrow, but at least for tonight, we have Ryan Dempster. Hopefully that's a good thing. Dempster wasn't amazing in his last outing, but that's just one game. Hopefully...


Game 5: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

We knew this day would come eventually. In a matter of minutes, John Lackey will step onto the mound, making his return to regular season action for the first time since the Tommy John Surgery that...


Game 3: Red Sox vs. Yankees

If, one month ago, I told you the Red Sox were about to experience their first sweep of the season in New York, well, a lot of you would be saying we still had one game to start off better than the...

Game thread: Red Sox vs. Yankees


No surprise that one of the only nationally broadcast spring training games for the Red Sox this year comes against the Yankees. Our bad luck, though, that it comes in New York's park. At home, we...

At What Price Stanton?


It's a lazy, snowy Sunday, so let's do a bit of fantasy trading. Who would you trade away to get the best young power hitter in the game?

Game Thread: Red Sox Vs. Yankees


It's Red Sox - Yankees, but lacking the actual substance. Yay? I'll go with yay, sure. But more because it's the Red Sox on TV then anything else. And a pretty good chunk of the Red Sox, too....


Game -36: Red Sox Vs. Rays Game Thread


Spring training begins for "real" as the Red Sox take on the Rays.

Sunday Discussion: Boston's Catching Options


The Red Sox went out and got a new catcher. What should this mean for the catchers they already have?

Sunday Discussion: Best/Worst Games


What was the best game of the 2012 Red Sox season? Which was the worst? We discuss the highs and lows of this lost year.

Sunday Discussion: Septembers to Forget


The Red Sox are in their second straight forlorn September. We ask the OTM community which has been harder to deal with.

Sunday Discussion: A Long September


With the Sox in freefall and a lot of season left, we ask the OTM community how they'll be dealing with the remaining schedule.

Sunday Discussion: Now What?


With the Red Sox roster totally remade, we ask the community where Boston should go next.

Sunday Discussion: Of Elbows and White Flags


Carl Crawford's elbow is the latest object of controversy in Boston. We ask our readers whether it's time for Crawford to go under the knife, and out of the 2012 Sox lineup.


Game 110

Game 110- Yu Darvish Vs Aaron Cook- Game Thread: Join Us!

Sunday Discussion: What's to Discuss?


The 2012 Red Sox seem bound and determined to outdo The Dark Knight Rises as the biggest disappointment of the year. We invite you all to vent your frustrations on this Sunday morning.

Can Jon Lester And Josh Beckett Return To Form?


Josh Beckett and Jon Lester have both been disappointing, but can they rebound before the year is out?

Sunday Discussion: Armchair GM, Trade Deadline Edition: You


We all took the Red Sox for a spin at the trading deadline earlier, now it's your turn. Come for the coffee, stay for the trade discussions.

Game 93


This right here? This is another one of them "fork in the road" games. A win and the Sox have a really strong 5-2 record since the All-Star break, also possibly pulling into a tie for second in the...

Sunday Discussion: Playing Through Pain


Red Sox left fielder Carl Crawford is planning to return to the team, even though his elbow may not be up to the task. This Sunday, we discuss whether players trying to play hurt is actually a good...

What Do The Red Sox Need To Do To Convince You?


At 43-43, the Sox have had a mediocre beginning to the season. Now that they're getting healthy, what do the Sox need to do over the next few weeks to prove they're worth further investment?

Sunday Discussion: To Fisk Or Not To Fisk?


The central purpose of OTM is driving thoughtful discussion of the Red Sox. Should that include dismantling not-thoughtful discussion?

Sunday Discussion: Fifth Starters


The Red Sox are going to a six-man rotation for now, but soon they'll need to bring it back to five. Who deserves to grab that fifth spot full-time?

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