Red Sox vs. White Sox: Mike Napoli returns

Mike Napoli is back in the lineup Thursday night, less than 48 hours after dislocating his finger in the first game of the series.

Koji Uehara set to return

Koji Uehara is ready to make his return to action Thursday night should the Red Sox require his services.

Red Sox vs. White Sox: Dustin Pedroia returns

Dustin Pedroia is back in action Wednesday night, leading off for the Red Sox against John Danks.

Mike Napoli injures finger because why not?

Everything is terrible

Red Sox vs. White Sox: Pedroia still out

Dustin Pedroia isn't ready to make his return just yet, leaving the Red Sox another man down for at least one more game.

John Farrell facing fine over replay comments

Apparently, telling the truth is an offense worthy of a fine.

Dustin Pedroia's wrist scans clean

Dustin Pedroia has received a clean bill of health after being scratched from Sunday night's game against the Yankees with a sore wrist.

Red Sox 2, Yankees 3: Replays, robberies, rubbish

It's been a bad couple days.

Red Sox vs. Yankees: Dustin Pedroia a late scratch

Bad news, Red Sox fans: Dustin Pedroia is hurting.

Red Sox vs. Yankees: Dustin Pedroia leads off

John Farrell is putting a twist on things, moving Dustin Pedroia up to the leadoff spot against Hiroki Kuroda and the Yankees.


Red Sox vs. Yankees: Lester out to even the score

The Red Sox need Jon Lester to get them back on equal footing with the Yankees after a Thursday night loss against Michael Pineda.

Red Sox vs. Yankees: Sizemore leads off in left

Grady Sizemore will lead off and play his first ever game outside of center field as the Red Sox try to reach.500 against the New York Yankees.

Ben Cherington talks Jon Lester extension

With Jon Lester still not signed to an extension, are the Red Sox preparing for a future without their home-grown lefty?

Red Sox vs. Rangers: Peavy aims for series win

The Red Sox will turn to Jake Peavy as they try to take their second series win of the year.

Breslow activated from DL, Workman optioned

Workman will return to the minors to start, while Breslow makes for a trio of lefties in the Boston pen.

Red Sox vs. Rangers: Roberts makes Boston debut

Ryan Roberts will start his first game with his new team as the Red Sox go for .500 against the Rangers.

Red Sox sign Ryan Roberts

The Red Sox have signed Ryan Roberts to a major league contract,

Watch the Red Sox ring ceremony right here

Can't get near a television for Friday's home opener ring ceremony? You can still watch it right here with us.

Red Sox vs. Brewers: Your 2013 World Champion Sox

It's the home opener, and this time around, that means championship rings.

Red Sox vs. Orioles: Farrell mixes it up vs. Chen

The batting order looks strange, but there's plenty of method to John Farrell's madness tonight.

David Ortiz has the most popular MLB jersey

He's not the only Red Sox on the list, either.

Sox will wear commemorative hats for home opener

They won't just wear shiny new rings, they'll also have championship hats.

Red Sox vs. Orioles: Jonny Gomes starts in left

Jonny Gomes is in left field and John Lackey on the mound as the Red Sox try to take win number one in game number two.

2014 MLB Draft: Sox have 16th-largest draft budget

The Sox pick last in the first round, but extra selections bumped their draft budget up considerably.

Orioles 2, Red Sox 1: Wasted opportunities

The Red Sox pitched well, they hit well, but they got the timing all wrong.

Red Sox vs. Orioles: Victorino misses Opening Day

Shane Victorino is headed to the disabled list, leaving Boston's Opening Day lineup looking awfully questionable in the outfield.

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