Fun Stuff

'David Ortiz' shows up on SNL to talk food

And giant-ass phones.

David Ortiz writes a letter to Drake

The musician, not a dragon.

Napoli tells Andrus to shave 'embarrassing' beard

Mike Napoli is an expert on beards, so he would know.


Watch LEGO Fenway Park's construction

How do you go wrong with LEGO and Fenway Park, together in one video?

David Ortiz has the most popular MLB jersey

He's not the only Red Sox on the list, either.

Sox will wear commemorative hats for home opener

They won't just wear shiny new rings, they'll also have championship hats.

David Ross recreates 'Major League' by himself

Ross pays tribute to the baseball classic on its 25th anniversary.

Mike Napoli, presidential advisor

Mike Napoli has a new job as a presidential advisor on beards. Wait, what?

Big Papi and Obama pose for a selfie in D.C.

No big deal, just two of the most powerful dudes in the world hanging out and taking photos.


Bobby V. spotted at Fenway , triggering manhunt

He has returned.

Gomes, AMERICA blazer ready for Obama

Jonny Gomes is America, and America is visiting the White House today.

The Red Sox' stars and stripes blazers

The Red Sox have some patriotic new duds...

The worst Red Sox of spring training...2013

Let's take a trip through time to remind ourselves once again why spring isn't a thing.

John Henry takes the fight to the Marlins

Yes, Boston's owner has struck again.

The Depths of March

March provides weird stories galore, let's look at a few.

Don Orsillo takes BP, is predictably awkward

The cool thing about teams embracing social media is someone recording NESN announcers taking batting practice.

Peavy's accident and weird spring finger injuries

Jake Peavy has discovered that spring training can be cruel to fingers

Pedro is the best, with photographic evidence

New photographic evidence, I mean. There are lots of photos of Pedro being awesome.

Welcome back, baseball (but not really)

Baseball is back! Let's enjoy it while we can.

Why the Red Sox won't go 162-0

You may think that there's a secret society that believes otherwise, but you'd be WRONG WRONG WRONG.

The OTM Red Sox 2014 Lineup #6: Napoli's all in

Again, no surprise here: Napoli is the preferred backup for Big Papi. Time to start the "home stretch" and vote for #6.

SoxWord 2: Who's the guy in the picture?

Do you know the name of the guy in the picture? How about the name of the bartender from "Cheers" who played for the Sox? Yes, we know those are easy ones. That's the idea.

Who wants to see Papi's World Series ring fitting?

Last year the Red Sox were champions, and now they're defending champions. Enjoy every moment of it.

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