Saltalamacchia is confident and scaring me.

The Boston Herald has a...confident quote from Saltalamacchia. Not sure how to feel about this one.

Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry 2000-2010

I come in peace from Pinstripe Alley. Just wanted to show anyone interested a piece I put together for Pinstripe Alley, the Yankees SB Nation site. It's stats and standings from the 2000-2010 years of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

SBN Boston: With Victor Martinez Gone, Who Will Catch In Boston?

If you don't feel like reading the 400 comment Victor Martinez thread, or even if you did, I round up a few of our options for replacing Victor.

Hamilton wins AL MVP, Beltre finishes ninth in voting

I think Beltre should have placed a little higher, but winning the MVP would have been a stretch.

V-Mart close to sign with Tigers

"The Tigers are close to a deal with catcher Victor Martinez on a four-year, $50MM deal, reports Ignacio Serrano of El Nacional (link in Spanish). Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweets to confirm the report. Serrano says Martinez accepted the Tigers' offer, and there will be a deal barring an unforeseen event." source:


MLB is having a 50% off sale on last year's Majestic Authentic Premier jackets. I always wanted one, but they were too expensive for me. However, I will most certainly take advantage of this. For me, $60-70 is a reasonable price for a jacket. I can't figure out how long the offer lasts, though.

Sox looking to trade Scutaro?

Probably just talk, but kinda interesting. More than likely, this is just some Sox insider relaying some team(s) asked then about Scutaro. I can't see much upside to this trade, because I can't believe the Sox will get much, in terms of young prospects in return. I could see a scenario where some team needs a decent, cheap veteran SS for 2011 and may have an expensive arbitration or pending FA to dump to the Sox. Remember, if Lowrie enters the starting lineup, the Sox will need a good, versatile IF player that can play 3 positions like Lowrie. If Lowrie becomes the full-time SS or 3B, the team won't want to move him around, allowing him to settle into one position.

Red Sox Meet With Reps From Crawford, Werth, And Beltre

I guess this isn't too suprising. No word yet if Boras still claims Adrian Beltre should be paid Torii Hunter Money or not.

King Felix wins Cy Young

Price second, Sabathia third, Lester fourth.


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