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Game 99: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

In a world where the Red Sox have stopped sucking of late In a world where A.J. Pierzynski is totally coincidentally no longer part of the team except that it's not at all a coincidence and it's...


Game 97: Red Sox vs. Royals

The Red Sox are 1-0 in the second half of the season and a full 5-1 since dumping A.J. Pierzynski. Let's ride this wave of rookie momentum and one-run wins for all it's worth, folks, and store up...


Game 96: Red Sox vs. Royals

Hey, look, they're gonna be playing baseball again! And real baseball, too! Not that thing where they change pitchers every inning and everyone has to pretend like they're big Yankees fans until...

Daily Red Sox Links: Gomes, Holt, Victorino


Today's links look at Jonny Gomes giving Ben Cherington the "Good Will Hunting" treatment, Brock Holt getting a spot in the starting lineup and Shane Victorino coming back strong.

Red Sox outfield isn't broken, but needs fixing


The Red Sox already have three adequate outfielders, but that doesn't mean there's no improvements to be made.

Law's midseason top 50 features Owens, Swihart


Even after all the promotions, the Red Sox are still loaded.

Red Sox minor lines: Slow starts in the GCL


Where Lowell has seen surprising production out of fresh faces, the newbies in the GCL are struggling.

The precedent for a Jon Lester extension


Jon Lester will become one of the highest paid pitchers in baseball when he signs his next contract. History, however, suggests that signing the lefty to a long-term contract may not be the most...

The 107 OTM Podcast: Koji, Jonny, and the deadline


Matt Kory and Brendan O'Toole are joined by Marc Normandin to discuss the Sox place at the deadline and the recent passing (in baseball terms) of A.J. Pierzynski.

Daily Red Sox Links: Owens, Uehara, Bogaerts


Today's links look at how the Red Sox should approach the trade deadline, stars with similar beginnings to Xander Bogaerts, and a possible Red Sox-Dodgers trade match.

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