OTM Fantasy Thread: Week #10

Welcome to double figures!

Yes, it's week 10, believe it or not, and the time is just flying by. But rather than clear leaders asserting themselves atop their divisions, it's so tight you can barely move at the top of the OTM ESPN leagues. In OTM1, Sologub's Pettier Demons were joined at the top by wolf's Overachievers and Picking Poseys, all at 7-2. The Laser Show improved to 8-0-1 in OTM2, but there are 5 teams within 2.5 GB. White Coat Syndrome won to hold on to the OTM3 lead, but has Cuddly Penguins breathing down his neck. Magnum Force and the now-oddly-named Average Dynasty continue to share the lead, neck and neck, in OTMD, with Magnum Force holding top spot only by virtue of points scored. Their lead is very slim, however, with three teams just one game back. And in OTMS, the loss by Erudite Penguins gave Lake Lizards (7-2) the sole lead, but with no fewer than 4 teams at 6-3.

Meanwhile, in Mirabelli, Honolulu Menehune dropped all the way to sixth from last week's first place, with Springfield Indians vaulting into the top spot.

Looks like it's going to be a tense week in Fantasy land...

In real baseball, unpredictability seemed to be the name of the game. Jose Iglesias homered. No, seriously, he did. No, really! I'm not kidding, he actually did. Daniel Nava hit another, which is less unpredictable now than the fact that him hitting his eighth homer of the season is now pretty predictable. Clay Buchholz leads all MLB with a 1.62 ERA, after Patrick Corbin gave up 4ER in the Diamondbacks's win yesterday. The Mets swept the Subway Series with the Yankees, and followed it up by being swept by the Marlins. Who, I'm not entirely sure about this, but I think almost doubled their season runs scored in that one series. Having faced Matt Harvey. Meanwhile, the longest winning streak in baseball belongs to....the Astros. Yeah, I give up!

And finally, no Fantasy fanpost would be complete without some kind of mention of Bloggy's absolute awesomeness.

OK, I think we're ready to talk some fantasy now! Let's go!

Injury updates:

League Links:

OTM1: Wakefield
OTM2: Varitek
OTM3: Drew
OTMD: Pedro (Dynasty)
OTMS: Bill James (Saber)
Yahoo!: Mirabelli

League Leaders:

OTM1: wolf;s Overachievers (7-2, 2891); Sologub's Petty Demons (7-2, 2759.5); Picking Posey's (7-2, 2456.5)
OTM2: The Laser Show (8-0, 2849.5)
OTM3: White Coat Syndrome (8-1, 2966.5)
OTMD: Magnum Force (7-1, 2767.5); Average Dynasty (7-1, 2548)
OTMS: Lake Lizards (7-2, 2625.8)
Mirabelli: Springfield Indians (51-34-5)

Projections Spreadsheets:

brogshan's ZiPS
Consensus Top 100 Hitters

Please, remember to unrec previous Fantasy fanposts!

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