OTM Fantasy Thread: Week #13

It's Week 14, and the season is now officially past the halfway point. And for what seems like the first time, there are no shares of first place in any of the OTM Fantasy Leagues. Will it hold? Well, probably not, because none of those teams have a reeeeallly solid lead - there's 3 teams jointly holding second place in both OTM1 and OTMS, The Laser Show took a well-deserved beating in OTM2 (Sorry Clark!) and there are no less than seven, yes, seven teams just two games back in OTMD. Only in OTM3 is there a lead of even two games over the second place team, and I have absolutely no idea how the Yahoo thing works so I'm just going to ignore it and pretend it doesn't matter (Sorry, Aloha!).

Of course, this is when the fun starts, because now we're getting into the real trading season. It's been reported that Ricky Nolasco has been scratched from his start this week for the Marlins, perhaps signalling the first significant trade of the year. And if players like him, or Bud Norris of the Astros, move to better clubs, well, that makes them significantly more attractive in fantasy. The intrigue is just getting started, and will hopefully spill over to OTM as moves are made to take advantage of new-found value. Or, you know, recover from the shock of having one of your regulars traded to Miami for Nolasco. It's going to happen to someone, c'mon! You know it will!

Meanwhile, some of those DTD and DL15's have been gradually disappearing - Jose Reyes is back for the Blue Jays, much to our discontent, of course, unless you own him - in which case shame on you for enjoying those points! - and Bryce Harper is back with the Nationals, which is awesome, though not as awesome as Bloggy. Of course, as usual, this is balanced by more appearing, with Edwin Encarnacion missing today's game with a hamstring issue (I think that the Jimmy Rollins rule applies here) and poor Peter Bourjos is out again, this time with a broken finger after a HBP. And he didn't even get a point for it!!

Anyway, it looks like it could be an interesting week, so let's see what of luck to you all! Except Titio in OTM2 and Lake Lizards in OTMS because I am taking you down!*

*May not be able to take you down. See comment below about reality being innacurate.

from last week:

Welcome to Week 13. We're well over halfway through the fantasy season now - but wow, unless you're stocked with Blue Jays players chances are you're not as happy as you could be right now. Seems to be a plague of injuries this month, and I know I'm not the only team with red DTD's and DL15's spotted throughout my lineup, and not enough DL slots.

So, best of luck to everyone in dealing with those injuries, and hopefully we'll see some of them coming back soon. Especially Clay Buchholz, because real life.

Meanwhile, if you do have some Blue Jays hitters, chances are you are very happy with them, because right now they are pretty much as awesome as Bloggy, and are right back in contention. Plus, they will only get better when their injured players start coming back. Every team in the AL East is now over .500 - the only division where every team has a winning record, so it's shaping up to be a tight fight for the Division title. And to think some of us thought the AL East would be weak!* Ha!

*Yes, that was me. Remember, I am definitive. Reality may be inaccurate.

Very busy right now, so don't have time to update the league leaders and so on, but hopefully I can fill that in later today.

League Links:

OTM1: Wakefield
OTM2: Varitek
OTM3: Drew
OTMD: Pedro (Dynasty)
OTMS: Bill James (Saber)
Yahoo!: Mirabelli

League Leaders:

OTM1: wolf's Overachievers (10-3, 4186)
OTM2: The Laser Show (11-1, 4183.5)
OTM3: White Coat Syndrome (12-1, 4184.5)
OTMD: Machado About Nothing (11-2, 3859)
OTMS: Honolulu SaberSharks (10-3, 3997.2)
Yahoo!: Honolulu Menehune (71-47-12)

Projections Spreadsheets:

brogshan's ZiPS
Consensus Top 100 Hitters

Please, remember to unrec previous Fantasy fanposts!

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