OTM Fantasy Thread: Weeks #11 and #12

Edit: No need for a new Fanpost this week: this one is still small enough, so we may as well keep it going! Now talk, dammit! :)



Very quiet around here the last week - was unsure initially whether to put up a new thread, but on balance, it's probably best to keep the weekly thing going for now. If this week gets less than 500 or so comments, though, threads may need to become bi-weekly.

Anyway, welcome to Week 11, and the season is flying by. If things were tight at the top last week, then this week they are tighter than a mouse's....actually, I'll leave that thought unfinished. White Coat Syndrome extended his lead in OTM3, now 2 games ahead of Rochester Red Sox and Cuddly Penguins. But elsewhere, the tops of the tables are packed tighter than a tin of sardines. In OTM1, wolf's Overachievers and Picking Poseys still share the lead at (8-2); four teams are one game back at 7-3. In OTM2, The Laser Show has a 0.5 game lead over Titio's Targaryens. Meanwhile, in both OTMD and OTMS, the leads have blown up, with FOUR teams sharing the top spot in both leagues. Unbelievable.

Matchup of the week comes in OTM1, where only one team will leave with a lead, as wolf's Overachievers face Picking Poseys. That matchup will be almost as awesome as Bloggy. Meanwhile, second place is up for grabs in OTM3, with Rochester Red Sox taking on the Cuddly Penguins.

In real life, the Red Sox head to Tampa for a series with the Rays. So there should be plenty to talk about this week. Hopefully Ellsbury and Victorino can stay healthy for a couple of games (rumors that Jackie Bradley jr. is secretly being smuggled to Tampa in the luggage bay, just in case, were started by me (just there) and are entirely unfounded. Well, close enough.).

Injury updates:

  • Peter Bourjos is set to return from the DL today, but won't be batting leadoff for the Angels, who are content to stick with the Mike Trout - Josh Hamilton - Albert Pujols - Mark Trumbo order that lost them 2 out of 3 in Boston.
  • Hanley Ramirez underwent an MRI on his hamstring yesterday, and is likely to be placed on the DL. Again.
  • Brandon McCarthy had a seizure while recovering from an injury. Doctors warned that seizures were a possible result of the line drive he took to the head, but this is the first time it has happened. Let's hope it's also the last.
  • Anibal Sanchez missed a start yesterday with a shoulder issue. It is not yet clear if it will require a DL stint.
  • Alexi Ogando and Ted Lilly have also landed back on the DL.

Player updates:

League Links:

OTM1: Wakefield
OTM2: Varitek
OTM3: Drew
OTMD: Pedro (Dynasty)
OTMS: Bill James (Saber)
Yahoo!: Mirabelli

League Leaders:

OTM1: wolf;s Overachievers (8-2, 3241.5); Picking Posey's (8-2, 2748.5)
OTM2: The Laser Show (9-0, 3104)
OTM3: White Coat Syndrome (9-1, 3328)
OTMD: Magnum Force (8-2, 3073.5); Machado About Nothing (8-2, 3022.5); Average Dynasty (8-2, 2893); Sologub's Pettier Demons (8-2, 2740.5)
OTMS: Right off the Bat (7-3, 3095), Ireland Base Invaders (7-3, 3085.3), Honolulu Saber Sharks (7-3, 3004.5), Lake Lizards (7-3, 2873)
Mirabelli: Springfield Indians (57-37-6)

Projections Spreadsheets:

brogshan's ZiPS
Consensus Top 100 Hitters

Please, remember to unrec previous Fantasy fanposts!

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