OTM Fantasy Thread: Week #9

Things were largely stable at the top of the OTM leagues this week, with only Shaun (Marcum) of the Dead in OTMD and Erudite Penguins in OTMS losing. Penguins retain the joint lead in OTMS, but with a couple of teams breathing down their necks, while Shaun fell to 1GB in OTMD.

It was an odd week for both Fantasy land and real baseball, with Justin Verlander posting negative points, Jose Iglesias hitting as the Red Sox starting third baseman (and having probably the best at bat of his career on Sunday night's walkoff, walking on 7 pitches to load the bases with the game on the line), Matt Harvey and CC Sabathia delivering sub-par pitching performances, and Josh Hamilton homered for two games in a row - and not against the Astros. Worth noting, perhaps, that Iglesias will probably have 3B eligibility before he returns to Pawtucket, and Daniel Nava will now keep his RF eligibility for next year, thanks to Shane Victorino's DL stint. Jed Lowrie is also only 1 game away from 2B eligibility.

This week's key matchups include Sologub's Pettier Demons (7-1) vs wolf's Overachievers (6-2) in OTM1, and The Laser Show (7-0) vs Letters from Okajima (6-2) in OTM2.

One final thing: Happy Memorial Day. I'm not American, but I can still appreciate it.

(As per BZ's posts below, which I'm adding in here now so I'll remember to do it next week:)

Injury updates:

  • Clay Buchholz will miss tomorrow's start due to an injured collarbone; Aceves will make the start instead, though Buchholz says he doesn't expect to skip a full turn, so he may make a start against the Phillies later in the week.
  • Bryce Harper is out for a few days with an injured knee, after being pulled from a game.
  • Ian Kennedy cut his finger with a kitchen knife, and will miss a start - reminds me of Jonothan Lucroy's injury last year...
  • Curtis Granderson (or should that be Hurtis Handerson) broke a knuckle, and is now back on the 15-day DL.

League Links:

OTM1: Wakefield
OTM2: Varitek
OTM3: Drew
OTMD: Pedro (Dynasty)
OTMS: Bill James (Saber)
Yahoo!: Mirabelli

League Leaders:

OTM1: Sologub's Petty Demons (7-1, 2477)
OTM2: The Laser Show (7-0, 2528)
OTM3: White Coat Syndrome (7-1, 2654)
OTMD: Magnum Force (7-1, 2448); Average Dynasty (7-1, 2249)
OTMS: Erudite Penguins (6-2, 2316.5); Lake Lizards (6-2, 2304)
Mirabelli: Honolulu Menehune (44-30-6); Coffees Ortiz (45-31-4)

Top 10 points scorers, OTM1-3:

1. White Coat Syndrome (OTM3): 2654
2. Wolf’s Overachievers (OTM1): 2561.5
3. The Laser Show (OTM2): 2528
4. Titio’s Targaryens (OTM2): 2507
5. Beard of Zeus (OTM1): 2482.5
6. Sologlub’s Petty Demons (OTM1): 2477
7. Irish White Coats (OTM1): 2475.5
8. You Feel Lucky Punk? (OTM1): 2467
9. Cuddly Penguins (OTM3): 2434.5
10. Rochester Red Sox (OTM3): 2414.5

And so the other leagues don't feel left out, the top 3 in OTMS:

3. Ireland Base Invaders: 2418.7
4. Right Off The Bat: 2371.6
6. Fort Worth Phaces: 2328

And in OTMD:

1. Magnum Force: 2448
3. Shaun (Marcum) of the Dead: 2432
4. Machado About Nothing: 2317.5

Projections Spreadsheets:

brogshan's ZiPS
Consensus Top 100 Hitters

Please, remember to unrec previous Fantasy fanposts!

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