Red Sox are a new AL East favorite.

Coming into the season, the Redsox had more than enough questions to answer. Picked by many including myself, to finish last in the division. Just three weeks into the season they've already ready proved many of their doubters wrong.

Pitching power:

One of the biggest concerns that I had with the Redsox coming into the season was whether or not Clay Bucholtz and Jon Lester could bounce back from a very poor performing 2012 season. They have. Bucholtz is 5-0 with a 1.19 ERA. In his 3rd start of the season against the Rays, Bucholtz held Tampa hitless through 7 innings and set a career high with 11 strikeouts. This is no surprise to those that follow Bucholts and the Sox as he showed in 2010 that he has what it takes to succed big at the major league level. Yet, the Redsox haven't seen the same Clay Bucholtz since his 17-7 season three years ago.

Sitting ahead of Bucholtz in the rotation is Jon Lester. As the man who is suppose to be the ace of the Redsox staff, Lester han't pitched well since 2011. In a span of 2008-2011, Lester pitched to a record of 65-32. Last season alone, at 9-14, with an abysmal ERA of 4.82 he was one just one of the many problems that Boston had encountered. Off to a 3-0 start this year, Lester also holds a 1.73 ERA, 11th best in the league.

Lester and Bucholtz were a big reason why I gave them no shot to win their division and now I'm counting them as the main reason of why Boston will now likley take charge of the frantic AL East and win this division for the 1st time since 2007. I had no questions with the bullpen or the lineup, only whether Boston's rotation would bounce back and be as good a they had hoped it would be.

Offensive attack:

Like I said, I had no questions with the lineup. The Redsox are 2nd in the American League in runs scored, Davis Ortiz is back healthy, and Mike Napoli is hot. After Napoli and the Redsox came across some medical issues during the offseason, it's show to have no effect on the MLB leader in RBI's. Coming into tonight, Napoi has driven in 8 runs in his last 3 gams. Including 5 runs on Monday night in the Redsox 9-6 win over the Athletics, in which Napoli hit a grand slam.

Boston strong:

It's been over a week since the city of Boston was sent into fear and sadness caused by the bombings at the Boston Marthon. For the 1st time this past Saturday, the Redsox played at home in front of a Fenway fanbase that had een through so much, in such a short time. The home jerseys that the Sox wore, said "BOSTON" and insted of the usual "REDSOX". Playing for an entire city in mourning, the Redsox now have more to play for than just a world series championship.

With the Blue Jays and Orioles both playing under expectation. The Rays currently not the same. And the Yankees surprisingly hanging in the race, even after suffering all the injuries to the main starters. It's slowly looking like the Redsox as long as they can stay healthy, have a easy yet still difficult road to to reclaim glory and respect with the people of Boson and the rest of Major League Baseball.

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