Fenway Park sellout streak to continue, adds games in past

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Red Sox have announced that Fenway Park's sellout streak will extend not only into the future, but the past as well.

The Red Sox are claiming that they may have gotten a bit too pessimistic about their sellout streak earlier this year. While February brought an admission from the front office that, yes, Fenway would have empty seats in 2013, it seems now that ownership is changing its tune, and expects the sellout streak to continue on for the foreseeable future.

"Back in February we were assuming the worst," said team President Larry Lucchino. "Our public relations department was telling us that fans were feeling pretty lukewarm about the team, and the box office wasn't exactly flooded with requests for mid-season tickets against the Royals."

Since then, things have changed, however. The Red Sox have enjoyed an encouraging spring training, with the starting pitching looking especially strong. More importantly, though, they've had a breakout performance from young prospect Jackie Bradley Jr., which has provided plenty of excitement. "Just a couple of hours ago John [Farrell] decided that Jackie [Bradley Jr.] would be starting tomorrow's game in left," Lucchino said Sunday, "and we've had more ticket requests since then than we had in the whole last week. We're already working on a bobblehead day for the home series against the Astros. Nobody wants to watch the Astros."

Photo credit: Elsa

If the news were not exciting enough by itself, it turns out that the sellout streak is growing in a whole different direction! Tom Werner laid out the situation to members of the press on a conference call late last night:

It's a funny story, really. Back when we assumed that this whole streak was coming to an end, we wanted to get some numbers together to, y'know, put it all in perspective. Well, someone got to looking at the numbers and realized that there had been a typo, actually. It didn't seem right, of course, that only 3,300 people had come to the game. Someone forgot a zero somewhere. Anyways, this opens up a whole bunch more games. We're still not sure how far back it goes--weeks, months, years, maybe even decades?--but suffice it to say the number is about to get bigger.

What's really incredible about this is that Boston had already been pushing up against the record of 814 consecutive sellouts held by the Portland Trail Blazers (assuming you don't count the minor league Dayton Dragons). Now it's possible that they won't just break it, but already have! That's a pretty impressive accomplishment for one of the most storied franchises in sport.


[UPDATE]: John Henry says that the Red Sox have completed their tally, and has revealed the results in a press release:

To whom it may concern,

Fenway Park has always been sold out.


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