10 Reasons It's Great to Be a Red Sox Fan

The start of the baseball season is just around the corner. Teams have rebuilt, reloaded or refreshed their rosters or the impending 162-game season. Spring training is a critical time as managers and team officials can decide who makes "The Show" and who gets to wait their turn in the minor leagues.

The Boston Red Sox fall under the rebuilt category. Many moves were made and very shortly fans will get to see if those moves paid off.

I present to you, the top 10 reasons it's great being a fan of the Boston Red Sox this season:

1. Jackie Bradley, Jr. has been ripping the cover off the ball this spring. Will he earn a spot on the opening-day roster? We will see.

2. Jacoby Ellsbury is in his contract year. Contract years often equal big money in the offseason … if the player rises to the occasion.

3. John Farrell is a former pitching coach. This should prove valuable should the Red Sox's rotation struggle as it did last year.

4. The Red Sox have some great prospects. 2013 is one more year they improve and become valuable commodities for years to come.

5. Dustin Pedroia returns, healthy and as feisty as ever at second base.

6. The cavalcade of shortstops continues in Boston, hopefully, they find some stability this year. Where the cavalcade stops is always exciting for fans because since Nomar left, this has been a position that is filled seemingly one year at a time. Maybe this year, they find some stability.

7. Mike Napoli takes over at first; hopefully, his statistics this year prove he was worth the drama of the offseason. The potential for he and the Green Monster to become great friends may be the worth the price of admission alone.

8. The rivalry with the Yankees gets off to a start immediately. The Red Sox open with a series at Yankee Stadium. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is reason enough to anticipate opening day.

9. Hawaiian Punch comes to Boston. Shane Victorino, a Phillies favorite takes up residence in the Red Sox outfield this year. His hustle and athleticism should spark many chants from the home crowd this year.

And finally:

10. One more year of the best ballpark in baseball, Fenway. Enough said.

Ray Owens lives in North Carolina and is an avid sports fan. His every man perspective about everything from sports, marriage and his children make his writing enjoyable and relatable. His blogs My Love Hate Relationship With Sports and My Non-Sports Blog Thingee showcase his unique writing style check out his Yahoo! contributor site here.

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