2013 Red Sox Prospects Clearinghouse

Welcome to the 2013 version of the Sox Prospects Top-10 Clearinghouse. The first table has the raw list data. I then took the players and averaged their rankings to come up with a cumulative ranking for the Top 20. If a player did not appear on a list say for BA's Top 10 then they were ranked 11th and so forth. Rubby De La Rosa was removed from both OTM and SP lists mainly for comparison purposes. Tables Up!

Top Prospect Rankings

1 Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts
2 Bradley Bradley Barnes Barnes Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley
3 Barnes Barnes Bradley Bradley Barnes Barnes Barnes Webster
4 Webster Webster Webster Webster Webster Cecchini Webster Barnes
5 Cecchini Owens Cecchini Brentz Owens Webster Swihart Owens
6 Owens Swihart Owens Cecchini Iglesias Owens Cecchini Marrero
7 Brentz Cecchini Swihart Swihart Brentz Brentz Owens Swihart
8 Swihart Brentz Iglesias Owens Cecchini Swihart Brentz Cecchini
9 Workman Iglesias Marrero Iglesias Swihart Workman Iglesias Britton
10 Iglesias Marrero Workman Marrero Marrero Marrero Johnson Johnson
11 Marrero Britton Johnson Jacobs Light
12 Johnson Brentz Britton Britton Iglesias
13 Vinico Jacobs Workman Workman Jacobs
14 Britton Ranaudo Ranaudo Johnson Britton
15 Jacobs Betts Wilson De La Cruz Johnson
16 Ranaudo Holt Vazquez De La Cruz
17 Light De La Cruz Ranaudo Buttrey
18 Margot Jacobs Light Vinico
19 Vinico Vinicio Holt
20 Light Shaw Kukuk

: OTM (OTM Posters), BA (Baseball America), FG (Fangraphs), SP (soxprospects), MLB (, Sickels (John Sickels,, BP (Baseball Prospectus), KLaw (Keith Law)

Cummulative Rankings

Player AVG CRK
Bogaerts 1.0 1
Bradley 2.3 2
Barnes 2.9 3
Webster 4.0 4
Owens 6.0 5
Cecchini 6.1 6
Swihart 7.1 7
Brentz 8.1 8
Workman 9.3 9
Iglesias 9.6 10
Marrero 10.9 11
Ranaudo 11.8 12
Jacobs 12.4 13
Light 12.9 14
Vinicio 14.4 15
Johnson 14.4 15
De La Cruz 14.5 17
Britton 14.8 18
Margot 15.5 19
Wilson 15.6 20
Vazquez 15.8 21
Buttrey 15.9 22
Betts 16.3 23
Holt 16.3 23
Shaw 16.3 23
Kukuk 16.3 23


  • Bogaerts was the unanimous #1 on all lists
  • The largest discrepancy on one player between lists fell to Pat Light (High: 11, Low: 20)
  • Of the 25 players on the list the positional distribution is as follows (RHP - 8, OF - 5, SS - 4, 2B - 2, C - 2, LHP - 2, 3B - 1, 1B - 1)
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