BZ's Pick 5: Update

The BZ Pick 5 is in full swing with the Sox doing nothing as we all watch our picks go elsewhere!

Past Winners:

2011-2012 Offseason: aubatron2011 (2 of 5)

2010-2011 Offseason: mg050369 (2 of 5) in a tiebreaker

Red Sox Acquisitions: Badenhop (MIL), Pierzynski (TEX), Mujica (STL), Napoli (BOS), Herrera (COL)

Traded Players: Morrison (SEA), Trumbo (ARZ), Santiago (LAA), Skaggs (LAA), Eaton (CHW), Fowler (HOU), H. Bell (TB), J. Johnson (OAK), Hanigan (TB), Gentry (OAK), Fielder (TEX), Kinsler (DET), Fister (WAS), Lombardozzi (DET), Aoki (KC), Morales (COL)

Free Agents Signed: Choo (TEX), Suzuki (MIN), Chavez (ARZ), Gutierrez (SEA), Uribe (LAD), Infante (KC), Chamberlain (DET), Logan (COL), Hart (SEA), R. Davis (DET), Kuroda (NYY), Beltran (NYY), Granderson (NYM), Cano (SEA), W. Nieves (PHI), Ellsbury (NYY), K.Johnson (NYY), Salty (MIA), Wilson (LAD), Nathan (DET), Bloomquist (SEA), Navarro (TOR), Hughes (MIN), Nolasco (MIN), Haren (LAD), Peralta (STL), McCann (NYY), J.Smith (LAA), C. Young (NYM), J. Johnson (SD), D. Murphy (CLE), Hawkins (COL), Hudson (SF), Schumaker (CIN), Ruiz (PHI), B. Ryan (NYY), Byrd (PHI), Punto (OAK)

Retired: Hairston

Picks so Far

OTM Handle Pick 1 Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
titio1300 Napoli McCann R. Davis J. Smith Uribe
BobZupcic Napoli Ruiz Crain Bloomquist Beltran
dwoody3123 Napoli Hanigan Crain Uribe C. Young
Rick Bentsen Napoli Crain Hanrahan Salty Hudson
.406 Napoli Crain Mujica Ruiz Choo
South Coast Ghost Napoli Ruiz Hochevar C. Young Madson
nuthinboutnuthin Napoli Salty Perkins Hudson R. Davis
Rogue Nine Napoli Casilla Downs McCann C. Young
MaineSox Hart Ruiz Uribe Crain Hairston
outofleftfield Napoli Ruiz Uribe Crain Hairston
parasox Napoli Salty McCann Ruiz N. Jones
Thunder64 Napoli Ruiz Peralta Hudson Granderson
gizmosandy Morales Ruiz Peralta Sizemore B. Wilson
East Bay Evans Napoli Salty Peralta Hudson Drew
B_Edelman Napoli Ruiz Perez Hanrahan Salty
Wicklow Napoli Salty Beltran Carroll Logan
jaaaasper Napoli Salty Crain B. Wilson Bloomquist
cds7c McCann Hart Headley Crain Ruiz
sguglie2 Napoli Ruiz Crain Hanrahan Beltran
wolf9309 Napoli Gutierrez Uribe B. Wilson K. Suzuki
Shield Wall Napoli C. Young Ruiz Crain Hart
3run_bomb Choo Napoli Salty Uribe Crain
D_A_Kramer Napoli C. Young Salty Chavez Crain
White Coat Syndrome Napoli Uribe B. Wilson C. Young McCann
Jake_W McCann K. Johnson Beltran Napoli Crain
TimRich88 Hart Ruiz Headley Tanaka Beltran
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