The Emotion of Baseball: A Note of Thanks

Well boys, here we are.

Anybody who says they saw this coming is a liar. The guy who tweeted it, that was a guess; Mets fans say they're gonna win it every year. Nobody saw this.

Except Jonny Gomes.

When you have a force such as the Sox did this year, whether you call it chemistry or compatibility or whatever you choose, it gives you an enormous boost.

But I think that it goes far beyond just that: the Boston Red Sox were a darn talented team. You score more runs than anybody else over 162, you get on base more frequently than anybody else, you hit it harder than anybody else, good things will happen.

So combine that: an immensely underrated team, regarding talent, who above character or chemistry have something that many teams think they do but do not: friendship. This team was a family. Just ask Jake Peavy how he was greeted when he got here. This was a real, true brotherhood, and it helped them get farther than anybody expected.

When I was thinking about this, something hit me: more than any other sport, fans become personally attached to baseball. Not personally attached as in die-hard fan, catch every game, etc., because those happen in every sport. I mean how you feel that you're not just a fan, you're PART of it.

Think about it... when the Patriots lost the big game in '07 and '11, people were crushed. But it was different than if the Red Sox had lost this Series.

I think a big part of it is the 162; when you spend 3+ hours of your life dedicated to something, 150 times a year, that's a LOT of time. 500 hours, at least, of your life, focusing on one thing and one thing only. Baseball.

So when Daniel Nava lined that 400 foot single over Mike Saunders' head, and looked crushed that it wasn't a slam, fans felt his pain. But they also felt the utter joy of a comeback so dramatic, and only hours after a walk off of its own.

But did anybody take stock of the circumstance? This was a game against the Mariners, there were no narratives in play, it was 6 tenths of a percent of the season. And yet nothing could make you happier.

Why is this? WHY do we become so familially attached to this game? Maybe this team was just likeable, but that can't be it, because there was the disappointment felt of 2012, the disappointment that not even the 2008 Lions fans could feel.

So please, tell me, why do you love baseball the way you do.

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