Arizona Fall League: Update

Back on Oct. 3 I listed the 8 players we sent to the AFL so now that 4 weeks have passed I thought it would be interesting to look at how they are doing.


Noe Ramirez (RH reliever) has done great so far. He's made 6 appearances and pitched 8.1 innings with a 0.00 ERA and a 0.72 WHIP. Since he's not eligible for this year's Rule 5 draft it is likely that he won't be put on the 40MR. I see him starting the 2014 season at AA with a move to AAA coming soon.

Keith Couch (RH reliever) also has had a solid outing in Arizona. In 7 appearances (7.1 innings/ 8 Ks) he has an ERA of 1.23 and a WHIP of 0.82. he is eligible for the Rule 5 this year if not placed on the 40MR by Nov. 20. Its decision time for the front office. Keith could well be taken in the Rule 5 as he fits the mold of the most popular type of player sought in the draft.

Miguel Pena (LHSP) Decent showing. He has had 4 starts (14.2 innings) ERA 4.3, WHIP 1.30. 8K/4BB. Since he is not eligible for the Rule 5 I expect he will spend 2014 in AA .

Pete Ruiz: (RH reliever) has really not done anything to raise his value. In 5 appearances (5.2 innings-7Ks/5BB) he has an ERA of 4.76 and a 1.94 WHIP. Although he is Rule 5 eligible its unlikely that he will be taken.


Travis Shaw (1B) had the most to do in Arizona. He had to show that he is in the race for a spot in the Red Sox plan at 1B. He has done well and it will be interesting to see what happens going forward. In 34 ABs he is hitting .265, OBP .316, SLG .588 for an OPS of .904. He has 3 HR-the most of any player on the Surprise Saguraos. He likely will be at AA in 2014 where he will need to really turn it on. The clock is running on Travis. He will be Rule 5 eligible next year.

Garin Cecchini (3B) in my opinion has not fulfilled expectations. He has hit .244 in 45 ABs with an OBP of .393. The issue is power! As a 3B he is slugging .289 with no HR. He also has 3 errors. He has to be added to the 40MR this year or be eligible for the Rule 5. Since he was rated as #7 on the prospect list I have to believe he will be protected. The front office has to be wondering about the future for Garin. Could there be a change in position? Could be be a candidate for a trade?

Mookie Betts (2B) also has not lived up to expectations. With a .229 BA in 35 ABs and zero HR he is slugging .286. He has shown some speed with 7 SB. Still a work in progress the front office has time to see Mookie develop. I can see him at AA in 2014.

Derrik Gibson (SS) has only seen limited action in Arizona with no hits in just 14 ABs. He went undrafted in last year's Rule 5 and I see nothing changing this year.

I realize that with the World Series coming to a head today there is limited interest in what is happening in Arizona. Having said that when the WS is over and we hang another banner in Fenway Park, fans will have more time to think about the future.

This is a start for the 2014 season. What do you think?

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