2013 OTM Glossary

Howdy All.

I've set up this glossary to help out newcomers interested in learning the common OTM terms and nicknames. Hopefully this post will also help to record some of the creativity that makes this web-zone so great.

Here we go...

OTM Player Nicknames:

Alfredo Aceves: The Aceves (Title for the Cthulhu-like creature who reigns over us all. Prophesied by Ben on 6/12/13), Satan Eyes (Reference to Larry Walker seeing Satan in Aceves' eyes during the World Baseball Classic)

Brock Holt: Brock Holt! \O/ (Reference to Arrested Development's Steve Holt)

Clay Buchholz: Buch, Buckles

David Ortiz: Big Papi, Large Father

Daniel Nava: Navalicious

Dustin Pedroia: Pedey, Muddy Chicken, The Laser Show, Small Father (Counterpoint to Large Father), Tito's Homeboy (From African American Style fanpost), The Elf

Felix Doubront: Doubie

Jackie Bradley Jr: JBJ

Jacoby Ellsbury: Ells, Taco (From 2007 Taco Bell advert), Panty Mask (Sandy's friendly nickname for Ells)

Jarrod Saltalamacchia: Salty, Saltasaurus (Dino-Version of Salty; attributed to Drugs Delaney on 6/16/11), Big Perm (Salty has great hair if you haven't noticed)

John Lackey: Horseface

Jonny Gomes: Ironsides

Koji Uehara: Koji Savior, High Five Superstar (The man loves his high-fives...)

Mike Carp: Magikarp (He's a pokemon!)

Mike Napoli: Nap, Baby Oil (Napoli covers himself with baby oil to keep himself warm. Sorry for that image)

Shane Victorino: The Flyin Hawaiian, Shanf Victorion (Typo from 2011 on the Phillies blog, carried itself to OTM in full force by 6/11/13)

Stephen Drew: Uncle Dirt

Will Middlebrooks: WMB, Wild Bedroom Skill (An anagram for his real name; shared by Tessie's Dad on 5/2/12)

Xander Bogaerts: Bogey, X-Man, Young Aruban Man (Tim McCarver's greatest legacy)

OTM Rally Techniques:

Rally CAPS

Rally Jalapenos

Obligatory Senza/OOLF jokes

Saying: "Drew Sucks!" (Will make him play better)

OTM Terms:

TWTW The Will To Win. An amusing metric coined by Hawk Harrelson.

LNBIU Leave No Bad Idea Unexploited

Cleat Up! All knowledge and understanding you might have of the game is moot if you don't consistently wear cleats. Just ask Renfroe [sic].

[Insert Team Name Here] Gonna Mariner Phrase usually used to refer to huge in-game collapses or awful fielding. Originated from the Red Sox 8-7 victory over the Mariners on 8/1/13.

Toronto Sucks! The Shoe Museum ain't too bad though.

The Punto Trade 2012 Red Sox - Dodgers Blockbuster (Attributed to Dennet).

A Melancon A unit of measure designating six runs or more. It came about as a result of a Melancon appearance against Texas (4/17/12) where he gave up six runs without recording an out.

This is America/Amurica/Amertica, Damnit! A phrase deployed primarily when AlohaSox says "Aloha!" in a gamethread. Other misspellings of America are sometimes used.

Raycism The horrible scourge that is the Tampa Bay Rays. Need I say more?

The Egg Trick Uhh... you're gonna want to ask Sandy about that one.

Nostradumbass Being inexplicably prescient without providing a shred of rational logic half the time.

Phrasing Calling attention to a statement that may have a double meaning, typically of a sexual nature. Usually pokes fun at OOLF and Senzafine

Infamous Fanposts/Fanshots:

Play Hard Always Term originally from a fanpost that tried to motivate Carl Crawford to put more effort in. Words to live (and play) by.

African American Style Uninformed racist rants are always bad, folks.

Ervin Santana Was recently traded. Was recently traded. Was recently traded. Was recently traded.

Live With It Hard times in 2012.


KP or Koji Peavy OOLF's kitten. Also OTM's official mascot and a pretty good prognosticator too.

Ben's Cousin The lovely lady who's been our site manager's sweetheart for three years now.

Pink Hat Event Horizon A Tessie's Dad theory that sought to explain the lack of postseason appearances following 2009. Read it here.

Spiders .406 puts it well: "Unholy spawn of the Aceves, these vile creatures have no place on OTM. If you bring that shit in here, be prepared to face the banhammer."

New England Women are mannish (especially MassGal), and PeskyFan is not a very good troll. (From a 2011 gamethread)

Keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive. If you have suggestions or edits don't hesitate to share them in the comment section below.

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