Red Sox vs. Tigers score: Shaky Clay Buchholz, baflling John Farrel let Tigers take 2-1 lead after six

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox took the lead, gave it right back, and refused the offer when the Tigers tried to return the favor in a debacle of a sixth inning.

The Red Sox now find themselves behind in Game 6 of the 2013 ALCS after a baffling decision from John Farrell turned a shaky inning from Clay Buchholz into a two-run mini-disaster.

The Red Sox would actually be the ones to score first, getting to Max Scherzer for a run in the fifth. While the best efforts of Xander Bogaerts and Jacoby Ellsbury had gone by the wayside earlier thanks to a terrible bunt from Shane Victorino and a Dustin Pedroia double play, this time they took matters completely into their own hands. Xander Bogaerts led off the inning with a long at bat culminating in a huge double off the wall in left-center--it would have been gone in many parks--and behind him Ellsbury got the job done with this:


The lead would be short-lived, with the crisis moment for Boston coming in the sixth with Buchholz allowing a leadoff walk to Torii Hunter, then giving up a ground ball single to Miguel Cabrera. With Clay's velocity dipping, John Farrell rightly came out to end his starter's night, and with Prince Fielder coming up, made a perfectly justifiable move by going to Franklin Morales. Morales has, after all, made left-handers look pretty bad when he's able to find the strike zone.

Unfortunately he could not find the zone, walking Fielder on four pitches. And then came the Grady Little moment. For all that Morales has made lefties look silly, he's made righties look like Mike Trout. And a red-hot switch-hitting Victor Martinez didn't need the help. A rocket off the wall made it 2-1, still with zero out. Brandon Workman managed to get out of the inning with a little help from this bit of Prince Fielder baserunning:


That at the tail-end of a double play.

The failure in the top of the sixth was only magnified when, in the bottom of the sixth, the Red Sox managed to come away from another two-on, nobody out situation with zero runs. This time it was a David Ortiz line drive out--the catch made by Don Kelly, freshly inserted in left for Jhonny Peralta--and a Mike Napoli strikeout that really ruined Boston's chances. The Sox are wasting opportunities to score, and with just three innings left, there can't be many more left.

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