OTM Goes to the Bar

After the most disappointing season the Red Sox have seen in decades, the regulars of OTM decide to go drown their sorrows together. Really, they thought it was a good idea at the time.

Gizmosandy and Bloggy are the first to arrive, Sandy orders himself a nonalcoholic beverage, then, when he thinks nobody is looking, takes an egg from his pocket and mixes it into the drink. When he catches Bloggy staring at his drink in disgust, Sandy explains that the Red Sox have upset his stomach, and the rotten egg is supposed to help, he continues into a discussion about how the egg helps purge the system, but at this point Bloggy has his hands over his ears and is singing "Oh, Canada" to himself so he doesn't have to hear.

Sologub and Obsessions enter the bar, Solo walks to the end of the bar and orders his drink in a seemingly catatonic shock, he sits staring at his glass, but makes no further move to speak to the group.

Obsessions: Ha ha ha! Don't worry guys, we'll be better next year, we've already been through our Darkest Timeline, but if we BELIEVE, then TRAVIS SHAW will save us in 2013! Baby! (This continues on for a while, with Obsessions stealing everyone else's jokes) ...I... I just want the Red Sox to love me. Why don't they love me Bloggy?

Randy Booth opens the door, looks around, and then closes the door, everyone except for Obsessions starts to cry.

Sean O obviously already drunk, enters the bar and slams the door. He orders a drink, then smashes that on the ground and orders another one.

Sean O: I was fucking right, fucking incompetents in the front office, leaving no bad idea unexploited, this is all Josh Beckett's fault, goddamn meathead.

Sean falls off his barstool and can be heard muttering "Darkest timeline" to himself while he curls into the fetal position.

Sologub: Drink hard always.

Everyone at the bar stops their moping momentarily to laugh at the inside joke and pat Sologub on the back. With their mood renewed, the patrons leave the bar, helped home by the friendly and somehow still optimistic Writer Ben Buchanan and Writer Marc Normandin. Their commenter alter egos bitch and complain about the state of the team, but are quickly shushed.

Hours later, AlohaSox enters the bar, and yells "Ha ha ha!"

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