Daily Red Sox Links: No Deliverance from Valentine in Sight

BOSTON, MA: In a season best left forgotten, Tazawa has stood out as a reliever. (Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE)

Another day, another metastable equilibrium point on the descent into decrepitude that is the Red Sox's 2012 season. Here are some links to keep you busy until the next time the Sox choose to stomp on our hearts and push us one step closer to insanity (in other words, until game time tonight):

  • It's nice to hear John Henry declare that the "ethos is to win," according to Danny Knobler at CBSSports.com. Unfortunately, the letter in question is not addressed to the Fenway Faithful but to Liverpool fans, and after just a bad three-game start to their season. It's a shame that such due diligence wasn't applied for the Red Sox this season.
  • In other John Henry news, he apparently met with Bobby Valentine today. Unfortunately, no reports of a firing have leaked out—or at least so reports Boston.com. But then again, I wouldn't wish the manager's job on my worst enemy, so best leave Valentine to ride out the storm, and then be driven out of town, hopefully never to return.
  • Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington channels his inner Captain Obvious, and lets us know that this season has been "hard to watch," according to WEEI.com.
  • USA Today shows some love for Jason Repko's amazing home-run saving catch against the Scranton Yankees.
  • Deadspin actually finds it somewhere within their cold, dead hearts to pen a piece entitled "In Defense of the Blundering Red Sox," defending Jarrod Saltalamacchia's bunt to breakup a perfect game. I'm left somewhat speechless, frankly.
  • Obnoxious Boston Fan at Boston.com, sensing that this is more than your usual-sized problem, offers an 18-step plan to rebuilding the Red Sox.
  • In one of the last minor league roundups of the season, WEEI offers us some nuggets on Bryce Brentz, Xander Bogaerts, and Drake Britton.
  • There are some bright spots amid the carnage, suggests Brian MacPherson at the Providence Journal, with a short piece highlighting Junichi Tazawa's work as a reliever. Unfortunately, there's also a bit of a warning in the piece—reminding us that Dustin Pedroia is liable to have to miss a few days when his wife goes into labor.

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